Re: Issue mounting LUN on windows host

Hi Everyone,

We are facing a data loss situation and required your help.

We have Carrion CX4-240 integrated with a window 2003 host. There is a 7TB metaLUN assigned to the host. While accessing this Drive (7TB metaLUN) it is showing a pop up with given below message:

The disk in Drive G: not formatted. Do you want to format it now?

This issue occurred when the host got formatted and rebuilt with the same OS and configuration (LUN is not unmounted from the host when the host is formatted). Screenshot of the error is attached.


We have also performed LUN migration from the storage end assigned the migrated LUN but the status is still same.

Please assist on this as soon as possible.


Re: Re: Need to Configure SMTP Server details in Content Server.


We have recently change the SMTP Server Name in Production and Training environment of Web And Content Server.

In Production it works Fine. Since we have Content Server and Web Server indiviually.

But in Training it doesn’t work, because we have single Server where both Content Server and Web Servers are deployed. The Web Server mails are getting triggred but not the mail from Content Server (BPS Error).

The Way we used to configure SMTP Server NAme in Content server Via DA. We need to do any other Configuration changes here. Please Assist.

Below is the error we are getting in bpm.log

Caused by: javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 25

here its points to Old SMTP server : (we need to change it to new SMTP Server name). From where the log capturing this old Server info.

Thanks in Advance!!


Re: DDVE vs invalid certificate – how to fix this?


I found a way around it. It is not sexy but it worked. Basically, I extracted the content of the OVF to a folder and deleted the file that end with “.cert”. I then started the OVF wizard from vCenter, selected the 3-4 files that remains in the folder I created and it worked without issue. As you will see, the wizard now tell you that there are no certificate so no issue with the expiration date.

If somebody has a better way of doing it, I would like to know it. Until then, I have a workaround.

Thank you.