Re: Is it possible to connect Express to platform via DCTM ResT?


Given that the Leap Express app is a lightweight D2 companion mobile app based on the D2 REST API as you stated, any Express integration with DCTM REST would need to be some major customization if even possible at all. On the LEAP roadmap there will eventually be support for other custom apps to use the LEAP Cloud for authentication and tunneling services but is currently only available for EXPRESS.

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Block Alignment on VMAX All Flash 250F

Hi All,

During performance test with IOmeter, on our VMAX 250F, with 1.5TB of cache, two V-Bricks and 40 SSD disks.

We expected to view 200K IOPS and RT<1ms(Requirements of our RFP). But, when I do the test, we don´t see these numbers.

Only 180K [MAX] IOPS with 1.3/1.4 avg IOPS not sustained.

I noticed a lot of GM consumed, (Topic for another time.) because we created some TDEV´s and I noticed some good variation when we change the Align IO, to 1MB and we saw 290K IOPS and 0.8ms RT sustained.

Changing Align IO/partition Alingment is a good choice for pushing performance and decrease RT?

Thanks in advance.