Re: xDA environment stuck after failed synchronization

While synchronizing an environment in xDA, after successful validation, it failed during Repository Service discovery and has essentially locked up the environment. The sync operation is still in the active queue and will not allow me to run a new sync job after fixing the initial issue. This has happened before and I rebuilt the environment to get things going, but is there any way to kill the operation and allow a new sync job to run?



xCP 2.3, Patch 7 (Linux)

Content Server 7.3, Patch 1 (Linux)

xDA 2.3, Patch 7 (Windows Server 2012)


Get LUN Properties

Hi, how do I get a listing of LUNs and their paramers from the command line?

I need:

LUN name

Size (User Capacity, Consumed Capacity)

Thin / thick



I Try

Naviseccli -h <ip> lun -list

… no dedup information

Powershell … via Get-EmcLun <id>

… very few features


… can not be automated

VNX Monitoring & Reporting

… very few features, no castomized reports

Thank you, Jirka.


Re: Re: How to set up 2nd Avamar system with DPA


When you say it does not find the 2nd Avamar, I assume that the test during discovery failed. This may be caused by several issues. Best course of action is to finish the discovery of the 2nd Avamar even though the test fails. Once you have done that you can run the data collection in debug and to get the cause of the connection issue.

Go to Inventory>Object Library>Applications> select he Avamar that is not working.

In the popup box, click on the Data Collection tab, and select the jobmonitor request. Right Click on the Run button and select Run in Debug.

Click close on the popup box.

Click the history button, and select the request history you just ran (it should be the top one).

In the bottom pane, click the download link on the right side, and save the zip file.

The agent log file in the zip folder should give an error as to why the Avamar is not connecting.

If you do not find an answer in that log then open a Service Request with DPA Support, provide that zip when you open the SR will make allow faster solution.



ViPR SRM: Can Not Discover Data Domain Array


One or more Data Domain arrays can not be discovered in SRM. An error similar to the following is found in the collecting logs:

WARNING — [2017-04-03 19:20:14 EDT] — PollingUnitSnmpOid2$SingleOidPollingTask::call(): Time out while

polling 10.120.xx.xx:161

WARNING — [2017-04-03 19:23:15 EDT] — TablePoller::logProblemOnRetry(): On retry: Time out while polling

table ., column .1.2 on 10.120.xx.xx

WARNING — [2017-04-03 19:23:15 EDT] — TablePollingUnitHelper::handleIOException(): time out after retries

on agent Host=10.120.xx.xx, Port=161

WARNING — [2017-04-03 19:23:17 EDT] — PollingUnitPollingGroup::waitAtEndOfPollingCycle(): Polling group


The SNMP Credentials found in Administration->Modules->SNMP Device Discovery->Devices:


have been verified by ssh’ing to the Data Domain and running: snmp show config


The mibs files have also been found on the appropriate collector and on the frontend in:

collector: opt/APG/Collecting/SNMP-Collector/Generic-SNMP/mibs/

frontend: /opt/APG/Custom/WebApps-Resources/Default/mib-files/

For example, the oid mentioned in the above collecting log error, ., appears to be for

hrStorageType in the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB:



Finally, a traceroute to the Data Domain from the collector works successfully. And an snmpwalk using the

Administration->Modules->MIB Browser times out,even after greatly increasing the timeout value

Cause: Check whether SNMP is enabled.

Resolution: If SNMP is disabled, enable it. This will not require a reboot of the Data Domain.

To enable SNMP:

Do this by logging into the Data Domain GUI.

If the Data Domain OS is 5.6.x.x., look for System Settings->SNMP and check if Enabled or Disabled is

highlighted. For Data Domain OS 5.7.x.x look for Administration->Settings->SNMP:


Note: from the GUI you can also check the community string and trap host information. You can also download

the mibs from the Data Domain to SRM, if you believe there might be a mismatch.


Re: Windows 2008 Drive Letter missing frequently (Showing as no data in it)

Hi Guys,

We have an weird issue in Windows 2008 Server , where 4 to 5 Drive Letter missing ( out of 28 LUNs) , with inaccessible state. Details are below

Array Details: Clarrion & VNX ( issue is only from Clariion) – three different arrays – two are clarriion and one is VNX

Host:Windows 2008 R2 Sp1

Powerpath : 5.5

Flare version:

But after LUN remapping or server reboot , Drives become normal . However , some times when we unmap and remap, a another new LUN/Drive will experience the same behavior.

Note: All the LUNs are used as a windows share mount point.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 4.39.33 PM.png

Even on disk management , Drive was showing without a mount point letter and fully non-utilized.

I am not sure , what could be the problem from storage side.




Re: Unity snap replica volume

No, please see the Unity Snapshots White Paper page 18:

One limitation regarding user snapshots is that snapshots of a replication destination may not be restored. This applies for all types of native replication sessions. This is because restoring a destination resource would undermine the purpose of the replication session, which is to have a remote replica of the source storage resource. Snapshots of source resources, however, may be restored without restriction, after which this change is copied to the destination.