Re: Write Coalescing in Unity All Flash

Detailed information about Dynamic Pools can be found in the “DELL EMC UNITY: DYNAMIC POOLS – Overview” white paper. Disk Extents are similar to what was called Element Size on CLARiiON and VNX. Stripe Width on CLARiiON and VNX is the same as Raid Extents on Unity in Dynamic Pools.

From page 9

RAID extents are created with the remaining drive extents. A RAID extent is a collection of drive extents which complete the RAID width chosen for a particular RAID type. For example, if RAID 5 was selected as the RAID type, and 4+1 was selected as the RAID width for the Pool, the RAID extent would contain 5 drive extents (4+1). One for each element of the RAID width. The RAID extent provides RAID protection for user data stored within the Dynamic Pool, and is later used to provide usable capacity to the Pool for storage resource creation. A single RAID extent cannot contain two drive extents from a single drive for protection purposes. Also, RAID extents must contain drive extents from only a single drive partnership group.



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AD provider offline after adding SPNs

Today something strange happened to our cluster connection with the AD server.

Was doing some tests and at the end ultimately had to re-join the AD. Obviously, we lost all the SPNs and SMB clients are unable to access the samba shares now.

Adding manually the records causes the cluster to drop connection with AD:

EMC-1# isi_for_array -s ‘isi auth status |grep -i activedirectory’

EMC-1: lsa-activedirectory-provider:WWFX.CO.UK offline

EMC-2: lsa-activedirectory-provider:WWFX.CO.UK offline

EMC-3: lsa-activedirectory-provider:WWFX.CO.UK offline

EMC-4: lsa-activedirectory-provider:WWFX.CO.UK online

EMC-5: lsa-activedirectory-provider:WWFX.CO.UK online

Rejoining the cluster to AD works for a while, even though it keep flapping between Online and Offline. Adding SPNs ultimately breaks it.

Also, 4 out of the 5 nodes are having the orange light.


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Re: CX4-120

There are a number of different places to find documentation for setting up and configuring a DELL EMC array when using iSCSI. The “Host Connectivity Guides” for each operating system are available on EMC Online Support. These provide the steps needed to setup a host to use iSCSI. The product documentation also contains information on configuring iSCSI on the arrays. Look for the installation documents.

Support By Product:

Go to

Start by selecting the appropriate product (in your case the CLARiiON CX4 Series). In the next page is a Search window – search for “Host Connectivity Guide” and “Open System Configuration Guide”

From the Product Support page follow the documentation links.

Also, you can review KB 463477 which will provide links to other topics about iSCS.

Also its helpful to provide more detailed information about the type of network environment that you are using. What types of hosts are you planning on using, what type of switches are you using (for iSCSI you much use Enterprise class switches)?



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Expert Insight on How to Make VR Real

EMC logo

Recently on Direct2Dell, I shared how National Geographic Explorer Martin Edström brought the world’s first virtual reality (VR) experience with lions to life, but you may be wondering how VR could be used in the business world.

Dell canvas with car illustrations on it in front of a Dell monitor with image of man in vr headset

To help reveal real-world implications of using VR within your business, Qualtrics – in association with Dell – has surveyed 500 business decision makers around the world who were either currently working on a VR project, or who had already completed one.

The resulting “Making VR Real” report showcases the potential of virtual reality in 2018 and provides a unique insight into one of the world’s most innovative industries.

“In this report, we hope to paint a true picture of the varied business cases for VR, by undertaking the broadest piece of business-focused VR research to date, whilst also shining a light on how VR is being used in the real-world today,” said Jack Davies, head of content at Qualtrics EMEA.

They found that VR is contributing a huge amount to the economies of the different countries they surveyed, but that 52 percent of those working on VR projects still see it as emerging tech.

Why are they choosing to use it? Fifty-eight percent said they agreed or strongly agreed that VR offered benefits that no other medium did. The majority also felt that it showcased their own innovative capabilities and demonstrated leadership in their industry.

Some of those surveyed include our customers Jaguar Land Rover and Framestore. Framestore uses Dell Precision workstations to bring their customers’ stories to life, including our own Dell Technologies story. And Jaguar Land Rover launched their first fully electric SUV, the Jaguar i-Pace at a VR press conference powered by Dell Precision workstations.

That event was so well-received that technology analyst Rob Enderle said it even led him to sign up to buy one. He added: “Dell, HTC, and Jaguar are changing not only how you buy cars but how you design, build, and buy them.”

That’s because Jaguar Land Rover also created a VR experience for the sales process in their showrooms and 58 percent of retailers they surveyed said it added value.

“Having VR more integrated into the sales process is something we need to work on for future projects,” said Mel Simkiss, global retail environment manager at Jaguar Land Rover, in the “Making VR Real” report. “What would be great is a customer comes in, having configured the car at home, and they are then issued a code which we can use to demo the car they’ve configured using VR. Then we can help them order it, there and then, in the showroom. We’re a way off just now, but ultimately that’s the goal.”

The “Making VR Real” report also includes case studies from Make Real, a UK-based team that makes immersive digital products, and 10 lessons they learned working with several clients.

I won’t give them all away here (download the report for that), but the first lesson was to start small. Begin with a small budget — that is more acceptable to those who have financial sign-off — to create a prototype or proof of concept piece of content that has one or two clear business objectives, or learning outcome goals defined.

This survey found that just over 25 percent of the projects respondents worked on had a budget of $100,000-$250,000. But as you can see in the chart below, many more were accomplished for less than that.

bar chart from making vr real report of vr project budgets

And while Framestore has experience with Hollywood-size budgets, and VR being used for primarily marketing and public relations purposes, they’re starting to see a lot of products being developed (for profit) outside of the entertainment industry – especially in healthcare.

“Personally, I’m excited about how VR can be used in areas like education and healthcare,” said Christine Cattano, global head of VR at Framestore, in the report. “We’ve been dabbling a bit here – but some of the products and R&D projects that are currently out there are pretty mindblowing, I think those are the types of things that will start to move the needle for the general public on the true potential of AR and VR tech.”

For more survey results, and insights from interviews with a broad cross-section of VR experts, from artists, to agencies, to clients, and startups, download “Making VR Real.”


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Re: Unity 600 – Initial configuration for sync replication


I am trying to use sync replication between two EMC Unity 600 storage devices using the FC ports.

What I have done so far is to configure the IP adresses of Management, Sync management and FC ethernet ports.The management and Sync management ports are connected to and ethernet switch.

For the FC Ports (which is used for the sync replication) I have tried every possible cabling I can think of. First I head-to-head connected the SPA ports of each unity, didnt work. Then I tried head-to-head connecting SPA to SPB ports, didnt work. Then I tried installing a DELL N4032F FC Switch in the middle, once again it didnt work. Always the same error as explained below.

3 Dell EMC engineers have remote connected to check the configuration and they said everything is as it should be, yet they can not explain the problem.

The error I receive is that when I start the connection verification, the fourth check fails.

Register remote system on local system – Completed

Register local system on remote system – Completed

Refresh remote system connections on local system – Completed

Refresh local system connections on remote system – FAILED

Validate connections on local system – Not Started

The explanation after FAILED is – Although the remote system is registered, the connectivity validation has failed.Check for any network connectivity issues, and also ensure that the time skew between the systems is less than 10 minutes. Once fixed it reun the verify operation on the remote system to resolve this issue. View alerts related to the remote system connections for more information (Error Code 0x6500128)

It is highly unlikely that the problem is caused by a time skew, as the same NTP server is configured to both of the Unity appliances, and ı can confirm time skew is not an issue.

When I go to Protection and Mobility – Replication – Connections and have it verify and update the connection, I receive the error:

code: 0x650015f. states: Ensure the fibre channel connection is up and re-run the verify operation to resolve the issue.

Considering the FC ports are connected head-to-head I dont understand why It wouldnt work. The two Unities are literally next to each other connected with an FC cable?

I ran out of ideas what could be causing the connectivity verification to fail.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thank you.


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How to not allow a particular user to create a batch using scanplus

Hi Experts,

I have a query, we have a need to not allow some set of users from creating batched.

Im doing this validation in ScanPlus as soon as the batch creation starts.

Im able to show the validation message saying you cannot create a batch. But unable to kick the user out of the batch screen. User still gets the finish button.

How to forcefully delete the batch and bring the user back to the PRocess Selection page?

How do i get the details of the method to be overwritten? Can I have some sample code?

I tried BeforeBatchClose from IScanPlusTaskEvents but seems like thats not getting invoked.




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