Re: Questions about E20-393 exam


I am studing Unity tranings documents and view training videos, but in the description of the document…

there is a bold text that say “These exam description details reflect contents as of September 28, 2018”

There are a new document description of the content of this exam? if it is true, do you have a new link? if not, when will be available this new exam description?

There are changes on the exam that does not are included in the current trainings?

What preparation do i need to take to pass the “new” exam?

All coments will be very useaful and wellcome.




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Re: free and frictionless version ? does it really exist ?

So am I the only one that is having problems installing the “Free and Frictionless” version of IsilonSD Edge?

Hello All,

I started by downloading IsilonSD Edge from this page:

IsilonSD Edge Download

According to:

the free and frictionless version comes with: Dell EMC Isilon – SmartConnect, SnapshotIQ, SmartQuotas, SmartPools and InsightIQ, SyncIQ.

This doesn’t appear to be the case because once you deploy this on a vmware cluster all of these options appear to need a license.

I had thought that maybe I still needed to “Activate” my free and frictionless version but when I go to the page and upload the license file to generate the actual license to download (mind you I selected only the above free options (SmartConnect, SnapshotIQ, SmartQuotas, SmartPools and InsightIQ, SyncIQ.) it tells me to call 1800-782-4362. I did so and pressed option 4 to talk with someone in licensing who basically said that the free and frictionless version does not require a license. Well if that’s the case how do you active the SmartConnect, SnapshotIQ, SmartQuotas, SmartPools and InsightIQ, SyncIQ????

I realize that is says its only free for NON-Production use, which is exactly what I am setting this up for. I would like to run this at home in a vmware cluster in my basement. This would be used as a test cluster so that I can learn and implement things without having to try to do these things in a production environment and break stuff.


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Re: unable to access Unisphere from Windows10 laptop


I am trying to access our Clariion, VNX & Unity devices but it was not working.

I have tried Firefox latest version.

is there any specific version of Firefox and Java that need to be installed.

below are the versions of different devices in our environment.

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

OS Version: 10.0.15063 N/A Build 15063

These JAVA run-time environments are installed on my laptop

1.8.0_144 -64bit

1.8.0_144 -32bit

1.7.0_79 -64bit

1.7.0_79 -32bit


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Re: InsightIQ stopped sending emails


If SMTP server answers, then do a self test email on IIQ webUI, then check the /var/log/insightiq.log. Hopefully it will give you the error.


[root@localhost log]# cat insightiq.log | grep 2018-09-17

2018-09-17 08:32:56,767 INFO [insightiq.lib] SMTP: Successfully sent email

2018-09-17 08:32:56,767 INFO [insightiq.lib] FROM:

2018-09-17 08:32:56,767 INFO [insightiq.lib] TO:

2018-09-17 08:32:56,768 INFO [insightiq.lib] DATE: Mon, 17 Sep 2018 08:32:50 -0700

2018-09-17 08:32:56,768 INFO [insightiq.lib] SUBJECT: InsightIQ: Email Configuration Test

2018-09-17 08:32:56,769 INFO [insightiq.lib] SIZE: 568 bytes


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Network Validation Tool for IDPA

SDS Technology is pleased to announce the release of Network Validation Tool for IDPA (NVT-IDPA).

Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) is a pre-integrated, turnkey and optimized appliance, built on the strength of Dell EMC’s leading data protection technologies. Network validation tool (NVT) for IDPA automates validation of Network readiness at customer site before deployment of IDPA appliance. Prior to installing IDPA, a network configuration has to be completed for the datacenter. As an installation best practice, the deployment team should review this configuration before starting the IDPA installation. Network validation tool (NVT) for IDPA automates this manual validation – saving time and effort.

For additional documentation or to download Network Validation Tool for IDPA (NVT-IDPA), visit our Network Validation Tool for IDPA (NVT) solution page.

New features and capabilities include:

· Added Support to run NVT-IDPA as Standalone Program, so installation is no longer required.

· Added Support to Download Results in Excel as well as PDF format

· Improved Performance by reducing time for completing Network Services Validation

· Added Switch validation support for Top of Rack and Upstream Switch: Is Port a member of Port Channel, and if so, what mode?

· Added Support For DELL OS 10 Switch, using show-tech support command output – vlan created in upstream switch

· Added IDPA version and Model in Download Results

Target audience:

· Internal Professional Services Resources (PS) and Project Managers for deployment of IDPA solution

· Business Partner Resources (PS) and Project Managers for deployment of IDPA solution

· Support Engineers to pre-validate the customer environment

· Customer Before deploying IDPA solution


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Re: RecoverPoint SE – CG’s initializing after power failure – risks?


Our PRI site has many power issues, and we have experienced several 2-3 hour power outages this year (five of them). After the site recovers, all of the CG’s which repl to our SEC site go into “initializing”. Despite several requests to properly protect this site with either a generator, or colocate the VNX2 into a proper datacenter, I would like to present the risks of these numerous power outages.

* If a RP CG is initializing, what would happen if the power goes down again during this time? Would we loose the ability to failover?

* If a CG is initializing, does that mean we cannot failover should something else happen that might require a failover?

* Each power outage usually requires RP to initialize back up, and will take around 3-4 days before everything is “green” and working properly again – what risk do we have during initialization of the CG’s?

* We have CG’s from our SEC site to our PRI site as we have a small infrastructure serving up VM’s in that location, and those CG’s remain “green”.


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Smart Devices and Services Are Driving Edge Computing. Is Your Organization Ready?

EMC logo

The fourth wave of computing is being driven by a combination of forces – organizational demands to increase revenue, profitability, and serve customers better as well as robust use cases that can be solved by the latest technology advances. The first wave of computing started with centralized mainframes, the second wave swung to distributed use of client-server-PCs, and the third wave shifted back some to centralized cloud computing. Now, the fourth wave, which is also called “distributed core” or “fog computing”, distributes computing back to the sources of data and consumption of services. Operational Efficiency Operational … READ MORE


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Dell EMC Strengthens Last Line of Data Protection Defense Against Cyber Attacks With New Cyber Recovery Software

EMC logo

We have all seen the headlines with increasing frequency this past year and know them all too well. And because October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re reminded that ransomware and cyber attacks have cost business billions, affected government and public services, and provided IT headaches to organizations. These sophisticated attacks use malware and methods that can quickly bring global operations to a standstill while encrypting or destroying critical data. While these threats are increasing and getting more dangerous, customers are not always confident their runbooks and infrastructure are equipped with the right incident response and … READ MORE


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