Summer and the RSA Archer Summit!

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Summer – it’s finally here! (well, at least in the northern hemisphere) It’s warmer, people are going outside, planning vacations, having barbeques, and taking it easy. As much as we here at RSA Archer believe in taking some well-deserved summer vacation, we’re also hard at work planning the RSA Archer Summit, taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, from August 15 – 17. If you haven’t registered, here’s the link – don’t miss this great, RSA Archer-focused event!


If you have a role at any level in: integrated risk management (IRM), internal audit, business continuity, third party governance, IT security risk management, compliance or any other related function, you’ll want to attend the Summit, where you’ll learn about using RSA Archer to: 


  • Improve compliance testing across diverse functional teams through an enterprise-wide, consolidated quality control program
  • Create greater efficiencies for compliance teams and improve executive oversight
  • Move from a compliance mindset to a culture of risk management through continuous risk management
  • Avoid key cultural and communication pitfalls in implementing IRM
  • Help Internal Audit become an early adopter of IRM
  • Support business compliance and risk management goals and activities
  • Enable an agile approach to implement IRM while providing business value and remaining lean and fast
  • Adapt and mature your cyber security program


As you can see, there’s something for everyone – from compliance to risk management; from business to IT; and for each of the three lines of defense. Everyone can benefit from attending the Summit.


Another great aspect of the Summit is most of the speakers are RSA Archer customers, and there is an all-star lineup again this year from almost every industry you can imagine, and if all this didn’t pique your interest, then check out the working groups you can sign up for in the areas of:


  • IT and Security Risk Management
  • Regulatory and Corporate Compliance
  • Archer System Administration
  • Digital Risk Management
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • RSA Archer User Experience
  • Quantifying Cyber Risk


Finally, if you’re mainly coming for the networking, that’s ok because you’ll have plenty of time to get to know your peers, and the events each night are awesome!


Hey, it’s Summer – time to party! I hope to see you at the RSA Archer Summit!

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Establishing Sound Governance Process with RSA Archer Model Risk Management App-Pack

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Mathematical models are increasingly being used to inform business decisions and estimate risk in a manner that is often material to the organization. Because these models can have material impact on an organization’s business strategies and financial statements, it is imperative that the models are accurate at all times. This means the models are constructed in a sound and logical manner, can accurately produce real-world predictions, and are subjected to strong change controls to ensure the integrity of the model’s performance at all times.


A bad model can create material financial misstatements, constrain revenue opportunities, result in poor strategic decisions, create regulatory violations, fines, and sanctions, damage an organization’s reputation among its customers, employees, shareholders, and regulators, and more, depending on the purpose of the model. 

Released on May 22, 2018, the new RSA Archer Model Risk Management app-pack helps organizations establish sound governance processes around the models they use to run their business on a day-to-day basis.


With RSA Archer Model Risk Management, you can:

  • Document your organization’s model inventory and model documentation
  • Track model and model inventory changes
  • Track model validation and approvals
  • Formally certify the model inventory is complete and up to date
  • Document validation findings
  • Analyze model performance indicators
  • Decommission models as needed


Organizations can benefit from:

  • A consistent and repeatable process for documenting, validating, and managing changes to models
  • Reduced unauthorized changes to the model
  • Improved accuracy of models
  • Reduced likelihood of outdated information in the model
  • Reduced financial penalties, financial losses, or unforeseen risks due to model inaccuracies or insufficient testing
  • Improved visibility into the health and status of the model inventory

Interested in learning more about the RSA Archer Model Risk Management app-pack? Join us for a Free Friday Tech Huddle on Friday, June 8 for a live demo. Free Friday Tech Huddles are only available to RSA Archer customers. If you are not yet a customer but you are interested in learning more, please contact your local representative or authorized reseller—or visit us at

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Achieving Strategic Objectives with RSA Archer Strategic Planning App-Pack

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Organizations often struggle with turning their corporate vision into reality, especially when change occurs that requires adjustment to strategies and plans. While organizational vision and mission are typically well-established and change infrequently, strategies and plans can change due to a wide variety of internal and external factors, requiring in a shift in an organization’s strategic direction.


Without a coordinated approach to manage strategies and plans, a breakdown in strategy execution can keep an organization from attaining its goals. We have seen organizations lack a consistent approach to managing its strategy, operational plans, and performance. Plans and performance are typically managed in silos on spreadsheets, documents, or emails, limiting visibility and accountability.  When changes occur, the organization is unable to determine the impact and provide clear strategic direction.


These challenges can be addressed with the new RSA Archer Strategic Planning app-pack, available now on the RSA Exchange on RSA Link. Released on May 22, 2018, the app-pack focuses on closing the gap between strategies formulated at the executive level and operational plans and tasks developed at the tactical level. The RSA Archer Strategic Planning app-pack establishes a consistent, centralized process for managing Strategic Planning to increase the consistency of development and execution of strategies and related plans.


With RSA Archer Strategic Planning, you can:

  • Simplify the process of developing and executing Strategies, Strategic Plans, Operational Plans and its activities
  • Provide an audit trail to capture who created, executed, and reviewed the Strategy, Strategic Plans, and Operational Plans
  • Track the performance of Strategies through metrics and periodic reviews
  • Provide role-based access control to restrict personnel to information and tasks necessary to perform their job
  • Reduce time associated with capturing the Strategy analysis, SWOT analysis, and financial information
  • Store all Strategy information in a centralized location controlled by access roles
  • Capture changes related to Strategy, Strategic Plans, and Operational Plans through change requests
  • Simplify the communication process via an automated notification process.

Organizations can benefit from:

  • A Structured Strategic Planning process that enables top down execution of Operational Plans
  • Increased likelihood of meeting objectives
  • Visibility into current state of business performance and Operational Plans
  • Increased likelihood the organization executes its strategies
  • A consistent method for evaluating performance across functional areas
  • Assurance that Strategies become an actionable Operational Plan
  • Achieving measurable actions within Operational Plans


Interested in learning more about the RSA Archer Strategic Planning app-pack? Join us for a Free Friday Tech Huddle on Friday, June 8 for a live demo.   Free Friday Tech Huddles are only available to RSA Archer customers. If you are not yet a customer but you are interested in learning more, please contact your local representative or authorized reseller—or visit us at

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[The Source Podcast] Global Partner Summit APJ Breakout

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The general session at the 2018 Global Partner Summit at Dell Technologies World provided a perfect stage to showcase our channel executives as they highlight the Dell Technologies vision, and partner enablement programs.

two microphones and headphones on a table

The Global Partner Summit also provides an opportunity to address the specific needs of a global organization.  The regional/international breakouts are designed to address those specific needs.

Sam Marraccini and Tian Beng NgI sat down with Tian Beng (@Tian_Beng_Ng), senior vice president and general manager APJ Channels, to get an international perspective of the conference, our channel partners and customers.

Ng talks about the “extraordinary year” celebrated by the APJ team in 2017 and looks forward to 2018.  With over 500 partners making the trip from APJ to Las Vegas, Ng was more than happy to share the excitement and opportunity ahead for Dell Technologies and our partners.

Get Dell EMC The Source app in the Apple App Store or Google Play, and Subscribe to the podcast: iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Google Play.

Dell EMC The Source Podcast is hosted by Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)


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Can a Cow Stand on Your Chromebook?

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Sure our marketing for the Dell 5190 Chromebook says it “survives school days and school kids,” but that’s just marketing, right? What if your students are just as likely to be in a metal shop or barn as they are a classroom?

a girl leads a cow toward a Dell Chromebook lying on the ground

“I have tested the durability on some other Chromebooks and laptops but typically they don’t last past the first few drops,” said Joshua Shearer, director of technology at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High Schools. “This was the first time I was able to let my creativity and ideas of how they are actually used in the classroom grow.”

What he’s referring to is the video below where he took on our Account Manager Tim Baker’s challenge to try a Dell Chromebook 5190 2-in-1 and “run it through its paces.”

“I was more than excited to test out the new Education Dell 5190’s, in fact, I think I told him we weren’t considering the 2-in-1 tablet models because it’s just one more thing that breaks,” said Shearer. “After my testing, it was hard not to revisit the idea.”

Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School is the oldest agricultural school in the country and the first vocational school in Massachusetts, opening for students in 1908. Students spend alternating weeks in shop and academic programs as they prepare for both a high school diploma and a Certificate of Occupational Proficiency.

So those paces might be a bit different from your average high school.

“With durability being one of the biggest differentiators between our Chromebook and every competitor, it is not unusual for us to encourage potential customers to put it to the test of their everyday life,” Baker said. But he added, “in my three years in this role I have never seen anyone put one through this rigorous of a test.”

From dropping it off a ladder to putting it in a freezer, Shearer progressed to more unique challenges involving tractors, sawdust, metal shavings and cows.

A Dell Chromebook sits in the metal shop of Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School

“Our students work in the thick of it and carry their devices throughout the school so to have a device with them in the field or in this case, the barn, is not unheard of,” Shearer said. “It was quite surprising once the 1,500-pound cow stepped on it that it didn’t cause more damage. The only damage it took while lying on the barn floor was adding a unique smell.”

Animal science is just one of the many careers for which Smith students might be preparing. And whether they’re studying carpentry, collision repair, culinary arts, horticulture/forestry, plumbing or other vocations, technology plays a role.

“We are constantly expanding the scope that technology holds in our school to better help our students learn and prepare for their future,” said Shearer. “Their path might end up taking them directly to a full-time job or bring them into college.”

Like most other high schools, Smith does have athletic programs, too, and when Shearer explained to their Athletic Director Jeff Lareau what he was doing, Lareau got excited.

“In fact, I think his exact words were ‘Let me see that thing, I bet I can break it!’ After two throws … he couldn’t,” said Shearer. “He’s still shocked he didn’t do any damage (I am as well).”

Watch for Lareau’s throws, as well as the aforementioned cow, in the final video here:


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Nominations for the RSA Archer Summit 2018 Awards now open!

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As the excitement builds towards the RSA Archer Summit 2018, I am happy to announce nominations for the annual customer awards is now open.   Every year, we honor customers as they push the envelope, innovate and enable their Integrated Risk Management programs with RSA Archer.   Bringing GRC excellence to an organization is no simple task.  It requires hard work, commitment and a steady stream of progress.  The companies that have won these awards in the past have these traits down pat – not only addressing risk but providing business value as they help their organizations navigate the uncertainty and volatility in business today.   Our past winners include organizations of all sizes across all industries and represent the ‘creme de la creme’ of the risk management world.


I invite you to submit your organization for the award.  The process is simple – download the form and submit it to the RSA Archer team.  The only criteria for nomination is to be an RSA Archer customer.


The nomination form is available on the RSA Link Community along with instructions.  Don’t delay – the deadline for award submissions is June 15, 2018.


I hope to see you at the RSA Archer Summit 2018!  The event promises to be a premier opportunity to learn and network with your peers.  Register today if you haven’t already!

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New Marketing Tools to Help Partners Drive Customer Transformation

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This year, we are accelerating our incredible momentum from 2017 by focusing on the four critical transformations impacting our customers: IT, Digital, Security, and Workforce. To further enable this acceleration, at the recent Global Partner Summit in Las Vegas, we launched powerful new marketing tools, trainings and materials, created with you—our partners—in mind and based entirely on your feedback. I encourage you to leverage these exciting new resources to enhance and invigorate your marketing and sales efforts:

Cheryl Cook on stage at Dell EMC Global Partner Summit 2018

Elevate Your Consultative Skills with the New IT Transformation Campaign

In today’s fast-changing world, your customers know they need to embrace Digital Transformation and evolve to stay competitive—it’s not a question of if, but when. IT Transformation is a key enabler of wider Digital Transformation, and as Dell EMC partners with access to solutions across the Dell Technologies family, you are uniquely positioned to guide your customers through this transformation and become their “go-to” technology consultant. We listened to your feedback and leveraged our own campaign—as well as a $1.5 investment in third-party industry research—to develop a comprehensive partner IT Transformation campaign to help you drive engagement and make IT Transformation real for your customers.

The campaign tells a complete, captivating story which positions the strategic value of our ISG portfolio and connects all of our ISG demand generation campaigns. Further, the IT Transformation Campaign enables your sales team to elevate the conversation to business outcomes, versus products or solutions, to drive consultative-led selling. Developed from the perspective of the buyer’s journey, the campaign delivers connected content at each step of the journey, and supports your customer nurture objectives while engaging potential prospects through digital interaction. Within the campaign, you can map technology to actual use cases and provide tangible, evidence-based assessments to further strategic conversations specific to each customer.

Within this campaign, you can also align your infrastructure services with your business services as the application experts in your customer proposals. And, of course, the option is available to sell Dell EMC Services.

To make this content easy to access and launch, we have created a new campaign within the Digital Marketing Platform, and your sales teams can access a wealth of content and supporting activation components in the Knowledge Center, all of which is available on the Partner Portal. You can also view the campaign video for additional details.

Tell the Dell Technologies Advantage & Transformation Stories

We have created a compelling story to help sales teams understand the full power of our Strategically Aligned Businesses – and now they are available to all of our partners. These videos position the value of IT, Digital, Security, and Workforce Transformation to your customers, including how to realize business outcomes by leveraging the end-to-end portfolio of Dell Technologies:

MyRewards Incentive Platform

To incentivize your teams, we launched MyRewards, a new, points-based reward program for Sales Representatives and Systems Engineers at Dell EMC Solution Providers globally* with exciting features including:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use platform with simple navigation and personalized, engaging content
  • Simple express sales claiming to save time and earn points faster
  • Bigger, better promotions with additional benefits as partners advance from Level 1 to Top Achievers
  • Thousands of rewards including virtual prepaid cards, merchandise, events and travel experiences

Learn more about MyRewards and review the enticing Q2 promotions on the Dell EMC Partner Portal Incentives Page, and you can register here.

New Solutions Competencies

We continue to introduce new Solutions Competencies within the Dell EMC Partner Program to educate your sales teams on the new emerging trends in technology. At GPS, we announced the new Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Competency, which joins our previously launched Competencies in Software Defined Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, and Connected Workforce.

Additional Solutions Competencies will launch soon, to further align our education programs with our marketing platforms and resources.

Continual Improvement

We have done all these improvements with your success in mind and will continue to enhance our marketing tools, including the Digital Marketing Platform, Marketing Institute and Product Syndication.

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to sharing another incredible year.

*The MyRewards platform excludes Greater China, Russia, and Poland, and Authorized partners in EMEA. US Federal, OEM, GSI, and Distribution partners are not eligible for the MyRewards program.


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Rapidly Scale Workloads to Boost Your Business Across the Private Cloud

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Deploying scalable modular server such as the Dell EMC PowerEdge FX can deliver over 9.5x faster results

Today’s business is dynamic. Companies strive to maintain the traditional operating model that served them in the past, while at the same time aiming to provide continuous value to customers.  But as market needs change, IT departments realize that this traditional model is no longer effective. In fact, refusing to adapt can stunt an organization’s growth.

IT transformation should follow the lead of the business, and modern infrastructure must keep pace with today’s ongoing digital transformation.

For expanding enterprises with a global presence and growing workforce, stepping up to the cloud is a next-step alternative. With multiple time zones, varied peak hours of usage, and different compute availability, the infrastructure must be ready and available for continuous use. Moving applications and workloads to the cloud enables the access and flexibility of on-demand compute.

Can a cloud strategy scale workloads securely?

While a public cloud approach is enticing, businesses need to consider the downside: cost for on-demand compute and other resources as well as security aspects. Turning to private cloud can reduce costs and data security risks, but how can it quickly scale according to business direction and needs?

Can a private cloud host all the workloads you need and do so efficiently?

An ideal platform to host a variety of workloads, a private cloud strategy can readily power your infrastructure to serve your business needs, customers and global workforce. The task of then finding a hardware platform which has the portfolio breadth to also support a variety of workloads as well as one that is quick to setup, deploy and manage can be challenging. A compact, modular server platform approach can lend itself well to fast scalable node growth with a variety of mix-and-match options. It also removes the need for operational silos, allowing IT to deploy the configurations they need for each application.

Principled Technologies conducted a variety of studies demonstrating a variety of workloads in an on-premises, private cloud environment. They chose to deploy Dell EMC’s PowerEdge FX platform to determine if it could meet the needs rapid business growth and IT agility.

From distributed database workloads to ease of configuration and management, reports showed how an effective private cloud strategy can increase business results and help you with IT transformation which keeps pace with business needs.

Flexibility and density to scale workloads to the cloud

Using the latest 14th generation Dell EMC FC640 server sled, the PowerEdge FX easily delivered almost 9.5x higher performance running database workloads[i] in a private cloud. Big data processing tasks in a private cloud also showed great benefits, including 36 percent more throughput[ii] and 26 percent reduction in time[iii] versus a public cloud setup. Managing a private cloud also provided savings of up to 34% faster management[iv], enabling IT to configure and deploy faster.

The PowerEdge FX 2RU (rack-unit) platform allows IT to grow quickly while helping scale business performance. It features a choice of server node types, from one-socket to four-socket processors and up to 28 cores per processor. IT administrators can readily mix and match processors, storage and networking, customized to their workload needs. Boost compute power for demanding workloads (up to 144 cores per rack unit[v]) and storage (up to 48 drives in 2RU) easily in 2RU.

The FC640 proved its ability to drive these demanding workloads and help IT scale operations to support on-demand growth. With the onboard Chassis Management Controller (CMC), IT administrators can manage all components in each FX chassis with a simplified user interface and up to 10 chassis in a single group. The PowerEdge FX architecture is purpose-built to be extremely configurable and customizable, as well as ready for pay-as-you-grow operating models that enable you to be flexible without being locked into traditional silos.

Lastly, the PowerEdge platform features a cyber-resilient architecture, integrating security into the full server lifecycle. The PowerEdge FC640 provides new security features as part of the overall architecture, including secure firmware operations and data integrity. These additional layers of security enable data to not only stay within the business but also within the infrastructure, and even within the chassis, for secure, contained deployments.

As businesses grow to support digital transformation, IT must keep pace with infrastructure and operating models to serve demanding workloads and global growth. A private cloud approach can readily help, supported by an architecture suited for fast expansion while helping the business maintain data security. Principled Technologies highlighted the Dell EMC PowerEdge FX and 14th generation FC640 server as a solution to help IT address the challenges of transforming the infrastructure.


To learn more about speeding up business results by processing data faster with Dell EMC, click here.

Read more about Principled Technologies white papers and resources here. Learn more about Dell EMC PowerEdge FX and PowerEdge FC640 here.

[i] Principled Technologies report, Update your private cloud and do more work in less space, November 2017, comparison over rack server,

[ii] Principled Technologies report, Run big data analytics on-premises and save money, February 2018;

[iii] Principled Technologies report, Run big data analytics on-premises and save money, February 2018;

[iv] Principled Technologies report, Get advantages of on-premises cloud and use familiar tools, February 2018,

[v] PowerEdge FC430 features up to 18 cores per processor and up to 2 processors per FC430. Housed in a ¼-width sled, up to 8 sleds can be fitted in a 2RU PowerEdge FX (288 cores), or up to 144 cores/RU


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RSA Exchange Release R4 Delivers 2 New App-Packs and 9 New Integrations, Introduces the RSA Archer Content Library on the RSA Exchange

EMC logo

RSA Exchange Release R4 is now available! We’re excited to introduce two new app-packs and nine new integrations. Plus, we’re introducing the RSA Archer Content Library on the RSA Exchange.


As you’ve likely heard, the RSA Exchange helps you easily access and download best-practice App-Packs, Integrations, and Tools & Utilities. The RSA Exchange features offerings that leverage On-Demand Applications created by RSA and RSA SecurWorld Partners, known as App-Packs, via the RSA Link online community. It also highlights RSA Ready certified Integrations that enable you to pass risk data between the RSA Archer Platform and third party software, as well as Tools & Utilities to help administrators manage the Platform.


The newest RSA Exchange offerings in Release R4 include:


  • App-Packs – pre-built applications addressing adjacent or supporting GRC processes (e.g. niche, industry, geo-specific)


  • Integrations – pre-built data exchange configurations bringing data into and pushing data out of the RSA Archer Platform

 RSA Exchange Offering Types


Interested in learning more about these Release R4 offerings? Check out details on the RSA Exchange and join us for these upcoming Free Friday Tech Huddles:

  • May 25 – RSA Exchange Release R4 overview
  • June 8 – Introduction to the RSA Archer Strategic Planning and RSA Archer Model Risk Management app-packs
  • June 15 – Introduction to the Tableau Web Data Connector integration
  • June 22 – Introduction to the BigID integration
  • June 29 – Introduction to the Wolters Kluwer integration


Please note, Free Friday Tech Huddles are available to existing RSA Archer customers. If you are not yet a customer but interested in learning more, please contact your local representative or authorized reseller.

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New High-Performance PowerEdge Servers Now Ready to Ship

EMC logo

Introduce customers to products specifically designed to drive data analytics and AI workloads

Are your prospects and customers running high-performance computing (HPC), virtualization, database analytics and machine learning workloads? If so, it’s time to start speaking to those businesses about the latest product launches from Dell EMC, the world’s leading server provider.1


Award-winning2 Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, are built from the ground up with a no-compromise approach to deliver a real difference to all sizes of organizations.

That’s even more the case now that we’ve added two brand new high-performance server solutions to the already comprehensive PowerEdge portfolio.

The exciting new PowerEdge R840 and R940xa servers were first revealed at the Dell Technologies World conference in Las Vegas earlier this month – and now they’re ready to ship.3

When businesses are running complex and demanding workloads, they need robust and reliable server technology that can cope with tasks effortlessly and keep operations running seamlessly. These new PowerEdge servers provide high-performance and high-margin 2U and 4U 4-socket alternative offerings to HPE’s ProLiant solutions.

Download the updated PowerEdge Rack Server Channel Quick Reference Guide.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R840: Turbocharged data analytics

The new Dell EMC PowerEdge R840 server is ideal for customers with in-database analytics workloads. This powerhouse is coupled with extensive resources to maximize performance for the most demanding applications, such as analytics, in-memory databases and dense virtualization.

The PowerEdge R840 delivers unprecedented performance density enabling customers to benefit from turbocharged in-database analytics:

  • Drive 4S performance in a 2U dense form factor.
  • Minimize latency with a direct-attached NVMe drive (up to 24) configuration.
  • Accelerate critical workloads with GPUs or FPGAs.
  • Add capacity with up to 26 internal drives and expand with up to 6 PCIe slots.
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with up to 112 cores.
  • 48 DDR4 DIMM slots, up to 6TB of memory.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R940xa: Extreme acceleration for business

The high-performance PowerEdge R940xa is expressly designed to help accelerate database applications, to quickly scale capacity and capability, and to drive data center efficiency.

This high-end 4U 4S rack solution gives customers the ability to drive GPU database acceleration for business-critical applications, with dynamic scalability that’s ideal for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning workloads:

  • Accelerate workloads with up to 4 GPUs in a 1:1 CPU/GPU ratio or up to 8 FPGAs.
  • Scale on-premise capacity with up to 32 drives (including up to 4 NVMes) and 12 PCIe slots for expansion.
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with up to 112 cores.
  • 48 DDR4 DIMM slots, up to 6TB of memory.

Promote these new PowerEdge servers to analytics and AI customers

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R840 and R940xa servers are ready to ship right now.3 So this is the perfect time to call existing and prospective data analytics and AI customers to discuss new roadmap opportunities and plan future investments.

Everything you need to start the conversation about the benefits of these all-new, high-performance, 4-socket servers is available on your dedicated Partner Portal Page.

> Explore all the educational and marketing resources available to you (Partner Portal login required)

1  Dell Inc. and HPE/New H3C Group were statistically tied in worldwide server revenue and worldwide x86 server revenue due to a difference of one percent or less in the share of revenue. Source: IDC Quarterly Server Tracker, Q4 2017

2 Channel Pro Reader’s Choice Award Gold Winner: Dell EMC for ‘Which vendor offers the best Server Hardware?’ and CRN Winner 2017 for Industry Standard Servers: Dell EMC.

3 New Dell EMC PowerEdge R840 and R940xa servers available in selected countries only, please contact you Dell EMC account manager for details.



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