HPE FlexFabric 12916E Sets New World Records for Data Center Performance

With this largest-ever test of 100G Ethernet networking, the HPE FlexFabric 12916E sets a new high-water mark for data-center core networking. In an extensive set of stressful benchmark tests, the FlexFabric 12916E pumped traffic through 768 100G Ethernet interfaces and set several records along the way:

  • The highest throughput ever recorded from a single switch chassis (76.8 terabits per second)
  • Throughput of more than 100 million frames per second per port on each of 768 100G Ethernet ports
  • Support for nearly 1 million unique routes learned via BGP
  • Identical throughput when routing to 768 routes and nearly 1 million routes
  • The highest EVPN scalability ever recorded with a single chassis (768 concurrent VXLAN tunnels)
  • ISSU failover times measured in tens of microseconds

HPE FF 12916E.png

As these test results demonstrate, the HPE FlexFabric 12916E is a highly capable performer even under the most demanding conditions. Such high performance on such an unprecedented scale offers a measure of “future proofing” for tomorrow’s data center networks.

Data centers will continue to grow ever larger; as these test results demonstrate, the HPE FlexFabric 12916E is
well positioned to serve as the engine of that growth..


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Get Your Digital Content to Shine with Arista Networks

Is the rapid rise of digital content testing the limits of your network? Transition to lossless IP networking from HPE and Arista to gain the resiliency, reliability, and scalability while making your content shine.

Arista Neworks Media and Entertainment.jpgSo much is going on in the vibrant media and entertainment arena, it’s hard to keep up. The demand for real-time broadcasting is forging a movement away from traditional HD-SDI to next-generation IP-based operations. Massive media files continue to grow in numbers and volume—having a tremendous impact on file-based workflows. And the distribution of digital content—think video streaming today—is adding to the load of already congested networks. All of this raises the question: Is your network ready for what is next?

The good news is that HPE and Arista offer networking solutions—for media and entertainment—that can transform your infrastructure to better address evolving industry requirements. Of course, a foundational aspect of this transformation is high-speed IP networking that allows many different systems, serving multiple applications, to connect reliably, efficiently, and at scale. HPE and Arista networking solutions, including HPE Pointnext services, can put you on the fast path to that transformation, with high-performance capabilities—including lossless transport—and the agility and scalability that can propel your business forward.

Performance-optimized networking

HPE and Arista leaf and spine switches (7500R, 7280R, and 7020R) are purpose-built for key media and entertainment industry requirements. They deliver low latency and deep buffers for high performance and lossless smooth data traffic. Our leaf and spine designs are scalable and easy to manage. Plus, we offer network monitoring and telemetry tools for better network visibility to detect and alleviate network congestion in real time. This is critical to help ensure a positive experience and, ultimately, create satisfied customers long term.

Furthermore, HPE delivers a complete, end-to-end solution that includes servers and storage with Arista networking for high infrastructure availability and application performance. HPE Apollo, Cloudline, BladeSystem, and ProLiant servers provide the industry’s best infrastructure foundation. This is matched by our storage portfolio, which includes HPE 3PAR, StoreServ, and Nimble all-flash storage, as well as Scality RING for big data and object storage, plus hyper-converged SimpliVity solutions.

Here’s a look at the complete offering:


You can also quickly ramp up and optimize your solution with HPE Pointnext advisory, professional, and operational services. We’ll work with you to find the best approach, implement the right solution, and make sure you’re using that solution to its fullest with a broad range of operational services tailored to your needs.

Confidently capitalize on the explosion of digital data on your network

Take advantage of an agile, high-performing, and lossless HPE and Arista network that’s built and tested for your industry.

  • Increase capacity to broadcast work streams and handle more visually immersive theatrical and special effects workloads.
  • Converge content creation, post-production, rights management, transcoding, and global distribution onto a shared IP infrastructure.
  • Deliver an open, standards-based IP transport, supporting economical and open authoring, rendering, non-linear production, transcoding, and storage systems.

Discover just what’s possible with HPE and Arista networking today. Contact your HPE sales rep, or visit HPE Data Center Networking for more information.


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Wi-Fi for Small Businesses Made Simple

Power your business with Office Connect 20—no-hassle, business-grade Wi-Fi you set up in three minutes.

blog_wifi_oc20.jpgSmall businesses are the backbone of the economy. And if you’re a small business owner, you want to stay focused on your customers and growing your business. Technology helps you do that—except when it doesn’t. Then it’s just maddening.

Employees, customers and visitors expect to have great Wi-Fi when they’re in a store or office. Many small businesses may end up buying consumer-grade Wi-Fi because it is inexpensive, but they soon find that the network doesn’t have the horsepower to support the growing number of mobile devices and users, and lacks the strong security and reliability that businesses need. And that’s just frustrating.

For IT solutions providers or resellers focused on serving small businesses, all the network solutions in the market are either too basic or too complex. Solution providers want something that is rock solid but simple enough to set up and manage. And they need a solution that lets them focus on growing their customer base while continuing to offer good support.

Good news: Small businesses and their solution providers really don’t have to compromise when it comes to Wi-Fi for small businesses anymore.

Office connectivity simplified

The new OfficeConnect 20 (OC20) solution from HPE is everything your business needs for a high-quality office network. It delivers right-sized features and great value at the right price. OC20 is great for small businesses—retailers, restaurants, doctors, dentists, lawyers—anyone with a single location and less than 100 employees.

The OfficeConnect solution delivers a wireless and wired network, and the solid security that businesses can’t skimp on. It includes a high performing wireless access point (AP), a mobile app to set up and manage the Wi-Fi network, and a wired switch to connect printers, IP phones, security cameras and other devices.

The new access point, OC20 is designed to be simple and intuitive to quickly set up and run. Setting it up doesn’t take an IT expert—just the ability to use a mobile app. OC20 is powerful with enterprise pedigree, but we’ve hidden all the complexity in the backend, so we can deliver a simple experience to users.

Not only can businesses easily set up an employee network easily, but they also can offer Wi-Fi to visitors and guests with a few taps on the OC20 mobile app. It’s easy to customize the login page with a company logo. The guest Wi-Fi integrates with Facebook Wi-Fi, so customers can check into your business when they visit. And that helps grow your business digital presence.

OC20 has business-grade security, too. Business owners don’t have to worry about employees or visitors accessing adult content and dodgy websites infected with malware from the Wi-Fi. Businesses can choose the right level of application filtering for them.

Expanding the network as the business expands is really simple too. All businesses need to do is connect new OC20 APs to the switch, power up and they automatically become part of the network. They’ll have exactly the same settings as what was previously set up. A network can have up to eight APs. No. Configuration. Needed.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look.

Up and running in 3 minutes

With OC20, your business can have a fully working office network in under three minutes.

1. Mobile App

Download the OfficeConnect Wi-Fi Portal app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play.

2. Launch the app, and instantly discover 0C20.

The OfficeConnect app automatically scans and finds any new, unconfigured OC20 in the neighborhood.

3. Set Up

Two screens and two more minutes until there is fully functioning Wi-Fi. In a couple more steps, the business can have a guest network, and security to protect the network.step 3.jpg

4. Dashboard

A simple dashboard shows the relevant information about the Wi-Fi network, with stats like how much traffic is on the network, the number of devices connected, the AP status and signal strength. It even points out problems.Dashboard.jpg

Smooth operations

Ongoing management of the office network is easy, too. The office manager—or if preferred, a solutions provider—can keep an eye on the network with the mobile app.

All this is on-the-go: You can be anywhere and pull up the app to see what is going on in the network. If you’re a reseller, this allows you to be more responsive to customer network issues, improves customer service, and saves you the hassle of having to send a technician onsite to see what’s going on. And if you’re the office manager, you can find out if there is a problem, no matter where you are.

With OC20, businesses can have fast, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi that employees and guests can count on—and that your business or trusted IT consultant can support from anywhere.

Learn more about OC20.

Learn more about Small Business OfficeConnect Portfolio:www.hpe.com/officeconnect


Keep Your Customers and Employees Happy with a Wi-Fi Network That Just Works

OfficeConnect Wi-Fi makes it simple for small businesses to offer fast, reliable connectivity to employees and guests.

HPE OC20_blog.jpgBeing a small business doesn’t mean that you need to make sacrifices—and that includes your network. The consumer-grade wireless router and switch you bought at the office supply store were fine when you started out, but as your business grows and your staff rely on more mobile devices and applications, the demands can quickly overwhelm your network and degrade the end user experience.

We all know how frustrating it is when wireless connectivity fails or you are waiting for a spinning wheel to access an application. To support your business-critical voice, video and cloud-based applications, you need fast, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi and wired connectivity that’s simple to set up and simply works. That’s what HPE OfficeConnect OC20 delivers.

Ready-to-go Wi-Fi for non-technical users

As a small business, you face big challenges every day, but Wi-Fi shouldn’t be one of them. HPE OfficeConnect OC20 access points (APs) provide your employees and guests with super-fast and reliable Wi-Fi.

With an intuitive mobile app, you can easily set up and monitor your network in minutes—all from your smartphone. The companion Android or iOS mobile app does all the heavy lifting for you. It automatically discovers the new OfficeConnect AP—all you need to do is create a network name and password, and your network is ready to go. When you’re ready to expand, new APs will automatically join the existing network, with no setup required.

With OC20, you no longer have to worry about complex Wi-Fi settings or managing your Wi-Fi network. The APs intelligently optimize your Wi-Fi coverage and performance to keep your employees connected and your applications running at top speed. And with the OfficeConnect mobile app, you can quickly monitor your network at a glance, including wireless performance, how many devices are on and who’s connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Build your clientele while keeping your network secure

Offering guest Wi-Fi can help you build your client base. Today’s customers expect to stay connected while they wait and will quickly find their way to businesses that offer free Wi-Fi. With the OC20 APs, you can offer your customers secure access to your Wi-Fi network. OC20 keeps your guest network separate from your employee network, thereby preventing guests from accessing your corporate data.OC20_2J.jpgOC20_1J.jpg

You can even build your brand by customizing your guest log-in page with your logo or create a guest access schedule that limits access to specific days and times. For example, you can provide Wi-Fi access only during business hours from 8am to 5pm.

The OfficeConnect OC20 APs are specifically designed to keep your network secure and protected. With our customizable website filtering, you can set access guidelines for employees and guests to further protect your network from online threats. For example, you can block access to malicious websites or objectionable content, all with the touch of a button.

Smart managed switches to power your Wi-Fi network

OfficeConnect1920S J.jpgOur smart managed switches like the OfficeConnect 1920S come with many advanced features that can secure and optimize your network. They’re simple to configure and easy to manage through a web-based browser, even if you don’t have a network admin on staff. These switches not only improve the availability of business-critical applications, they also protect sensitive information by tightly enforcing network access controls, while optimizing network bandwidth for increased productivity and efficiency. With Power over Ethernet (PoE+), you also can power your wireless access points, security cameras, IP phones and a host of other IP devices without the cost of additional cabling and with the OfficeConnect mobile app. You can even monitor your 1920S switches as well as your wireless network.

HPE OfficeConnect solutions make managing technology easy and simple. So you can focus on what matters to you—growing your business.

Read the OC20 solution brief.

Learn more about OC20.

And check out our previous blog that talks about Wi-Fi for Small Businesses Made Simple.

Learn more about Small Business OfficeConnect Portfolio:www.hpe.com/officeconnect


Small Business Deserves Enterprise Wi-Fi. That’s Easy with HPE OfficeConnect

Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices. With HPE OfficeConnect, small businesses can set up business-grade Wi-Fi in minutes.

Blog_enterprise-wifi-for-small-business.jpgEntrepreneurship is on the rise around the world and the number of small businesses is ticking upward. Australia has two million small businesses—and employs about 60% of the workforce.

Here in Australia, we like to think that our small business boom is driven by our independent streak, but it’s also fueled by technology. In some cases, technology innovation is creating entirely new businesses that are digital from the start.

Many businesses in traditional sectors like retail, healthcare, professional services, construction and agriculture have moved to the cloud. Many rely on Microsoft Office 365 or Google G suite for office tools, Xero and MYOB for accounting, or Square and PayPal for payments. They make the most of collaboration tools and video. But none of it works without great connectivity.

You deserve business-grade connectivity

Many small business owners don’t pay much attention to their IT infrastructure. They’re busy following their passion, delighting customers and growing. When it comes to Wi-Fi and other networking gear, many small businesses take the path of least resistance and buy from their local electronics store or website.

Sure, it’s easy, but using consumer-grade IT equipment can hamper your business growth. Fortunately, a quality network doesn’t have to be expensive anymore. And a quality network is necessary for access to the applications and cloud services that keep employees productive and your business operating smoothly.

In fact, many small businesses have cut the cord on wired network, preferring all-wireless. Your employees have the freedom to move around, and there are no unsightly wires snaking around your office or shop. Plus, an all-wireless network saves money and time because you don’t have to run cabling, buy more switches, and then keep paying power them.

Easy, fast and ultra-reliable Wi-Fi

HPE OfficeConnect solutions are designed to let you share resources and collaborate without the complexity of setting up an enterprise-grade network—or making unnecessary sacrifices with consumer-grade gear. OfficeConnect products are simple to manage, affordable, and highly reliable.OC20_WiFi_small business.png

With the Office Connect mobile app, your Wi-Fi can be up and running in a couple minutes, including guest access and security.

With HPE OfficeConnect, your business can have fast, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi. HPE Office Connect OC20 access points are ready for the onslaught of mobile and cloud apps. With great Wi-Fi, workers can make phone calls and video calls from their mobile devices. Their applications work great, because wireless coverage and performance are optimized in the background.

You can engage with your customers by offering guest Wi-Fi. It’s easy to create a login page that’s branded for your business. And you stay in control over when guests can use your Wi-Fi. You can be confident that your business traffic and guest traffic stay separate and secure. You can even protect your business from nasty online threats and prevent access to objectionable content.

Set up in minutes

You don’t need to be a networking black belt to set and manage OC20 access points. You just need to know how to use a simple mobile app. You will be up and running in minutes using the OfficeConnect app on your iOS or Android phone. And you (or your trusted IT solutions provider) can monitor your network from the app, no matter where you (or they) are.

The OfficeConnect solution also includes smart managed switches to power your wireless network. The HPE OfficeConnect 1920S comes with many advanced features, but again, it’s easy for a nontechnical person to configure and manage. And support for the latest Power over Ethernet (PoE), you can plug in your wireless access points, security cameras, IP phones, and IP devices without the cost of additional cabling.

Great technology helps your business expand and prosper—and that includes your network.

Learn more about easy, simple and affordable Wi-Fi.

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Why You Need Great Wi-Fi to Attract Great Employees

Learn how easy, fast, secure business-grade Wi-Fi from HPE OfficeConnect OC20 can improve workplace satisfaction.

Blog_OfficeConnect.jpgFor small businesses, your Wi-Fi network plays an especially important role in boosting employee and business productivity. Your employees need to be connected on their work laptops as well as on the BYOD devices they bring along with them. The network needs to support a large range of devices starting with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, IP phones, security cameras, printers and point-of-sale (POS) devices.

The number of applications that are accessed on today’s Wi-Fi network has increased many times in recent years. These applications can include business apps such as: Microsoft Office365; payment apps such Square and Apple Pay; collaboration apps for instant messaging, VoIP calls and conferencing; remote file/data syncing apps; social apps and streaming apps such as YouTube and Netflix.

This means your small business Wi-Fi network can be overwhelmed with large number of applications, data and devices. Your Wi-Fi environment must be:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Resilient

Ease of use and enhanced security for small offices

Wi-Fi solutions such as HPE OfficeConnect OC20 enable you to set up your employee and guest network in less than three minutes using a mobile app. The OC20 mobile app guides you through a step-by-step process starting from discovering the Wi-Fi access point to setting up the employee network and an optional guest network.

OfficeConnect Wi-Fi network offers a business-grade feature set that’s the right size for your small business, such as website filtering to protect and secure the network from malicious and inappropriate content. As a small business, you need to provide a guest network that is easy to access, fast and reliable. With OC20, you can define an access schedule to limit guest network access to certain days of the week and times of the day. You can also create your own custom business page using Facebook Wi-Fi with OC20.

Fast reliable connectivity and simple dashboard for monitoring

Your businesses and your employees can count on the OC20 sNetworking phones.PNGolution—it’s simple, fast and reliable. For the increasing number of mobile devices and applications, OC20 offers gigabit speed, built-in network redundancy and smart radio management capabilities to optimize the Wi-Fi network performance in real time.

With OC20’s simplified dashboard, small businesses can monitor who is on the network, which are the top-used applications, and get an inventory of connected devices. You will also get notified on your OC20 mobile app if the Internet goes down. You also can monitor the network remotely from your home or on the go from anywhere.

Great Wi-Fi is an expectation of your employees—just like coffee, water and comfortable spaces to collaborate. OC20 delivers an easy, simple and reliable Wi-Fi solution that your small business needs to expand and prosper.

Learn more

Learn more about how OC20 delivers great Wi-Fi for small businesses.

Check out our previous blog that talks aboutWi-Fi for Small Businesses Made Simple.

Tell us in the comments below how great Wi-Fi could help your employees be more productive and happier at work.

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Small Business Wi-Fi:www.hpe.com/officeconnect


Did You Move to the Cloud and Now Your Network Is Slow? Get Business Wi-Fi.

Learn how to ensure the success of your cloud applications with HPE OfficeConnect OC20 Access Points, a fast, reliable business-grade Wi-Fi solution.

Blog_OC20_Wifi.jpgAt first, your workers were thrilled with their Office 365, Salesforce and other cloud apps, but now that your business is expanding, they’re complaining that slow apps are holding back their productivity. Cloud apps put a lot more pressure on your network, and if you’re using consumer-grade Wi-Fi that’s unable to handle the rise in traffic, they may be right in complaining.

To keep your business running smoothly and ensure the success of your cloud-based applications, there’s a good chance you’ll need to upgrade to a business-grade Wi-Fi solution that offers faster, more reliable and secure connectivity.

Faster, more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for your employees

A business-grade Wi-Fi solution like the OfficeConnect OC20 access points (APs) offers increased bandwidth and better coverage to keep your cloud applications running at full speed and can easily scale to handle increased traffic and mobile devices. You can start small with a single access point and add new APs as your business and end user demands grow.

Buffering tablet.jpg

Optimized network availability

Your business communications are the lifeblood of your business. Any network downtime can have a significant impact on your bottom line. The OfficeConnect OC20 APs offer built-in resiliency to keep your network up and running. If an access point fails, another access point will automatically take over without any intervention or network disruption.

Intuitive network setup and remote management

A business-grade Wi-Fi solution offers easy set-up and management of multiple APs. The OC20 APs come with an intuitive iOS or Android mobile app that offers fast network setup in minutes and the ability to remotely monitor your network from your smartphone—all without technical expertise. It’s easy to expand your network as well. New APs automatically join the existing network without any configuration, and you can centrally manage up to eight APs from the OfficeConnect mobile app.

Enhanced guest access and network security

Unlike consumer-grade Wi-Fi that typically support just one wireless network, a business-grade solution allows you to create a separate guest network that keeps your guest traffic isolated from your corporate traffic. This prevents your guests from accessing corporate data and allows you to offer your guests a separate password or even social media logins if you have a Facebook Wi-Fi page.

With OC20, you also can control what your employees and guest can access on the web by blocking access to malicious or high risk sites to protect your network from online threats.

Powering your access points

To further secure and extend the reliability of your small business network, HPE offers the OfficeConnect 1920S switches. The 1920S can be monitored by the OfficeConnect mobile app, and offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) options that eliminate the need to run separate power cables to individual access points.

The HPE OfficeConnect network solution can help small businesses do more with less—enabling you to share resources and collaborate with the quality of a business-grade network, without the complex setup.

Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your business, with OfficeConnect you can deploy a business-grade office solution to support your employee needs at each stage of growth.

Learn more about the OfficeConnect OC20 solution.

Watch the OfficeConnect OC20 video.

Learn more about Small Business OfficeConnect Portfolio: www.hpe.com/officeconnect


Is Your Network Holding You Back?

More specifically, the question is: Are outdated legacy data center networking operating models holding you back from delivering new application and services to move your business forward?

network traffic congestion_blog.jpgOne prime area ripe for improvement is the simplification and automation of server-side network connectivity. It’s common knowledge that compute, virtual machine (VM) and application provisioning times are measured in mere minutes, while data center networking is still a highly complex and manual endeavor with provisioning times often measured in days or weeks.

“The future belongs to the fast” – Meg Whitman, HPE

Do you agree with this quote? Most customers do. But the reality is, today’s legacy networks and operating models are holding customers back from moving at the speed of cloud.

Legacy data center networks are characterized by complex, hardware-defined and static CLI-based configurations—not to mention multiple silos of management. It often takes weeks or even months to provision network and security services.

Data Center Infrastructure Provisioning Reality.jpg

Your organization requires a new breed of tools that eliminate the human middleware that has created operational friction in delivering multi-rack server side network connectivity, cabling and the associated network provisioning across top-of-rack L2/3 switches.

A new solution is on the way!

At HPE Discover 2017 in Madrid, Spain, we’ll be announcing a new solution that helps server administrators rapidly provision server and network connectivity and automation across hundreds of servers and dozens of racks—reducing provision times from days to minutes. Stay tuned for more details on how HPE can help set set you free to:

  • Tame your network
  • Simplify server rack deployment
  • Reduce operating costs

If you are joining us at Discover, be sure and register for this session:

Session ID 14400: Tame your network: simplify server rack deployment and reduce operating costs


Trade at the Speed of Business with HPE and Arista Networking

In the fast, hyper-competitive world of digital and automated high-frequency trading (HFT), “delay” is a dirty word. This is an arena where exchanges, brokerages, trading firms, even independent investors must execute transactions faster than the rest. It’s also an unforgiving world where milliseconds can either make or break your profit potential.

trading stocks.jpg

Your infrastructure—server, networking, and storage—plays a vital role in your success. It must deliver the low latency and high availability required of today’s high-speed transactions, while also providing greater agility and scalability for tomorrow’s growing transaction volumes. Success in this business requires a powerful and proven foundational infrastructure that can operate faster. And it begins with HPE and Arista networking solutions.

Execute transactions faster with powerful compute and networking

HPE offers complete servers, storage, and networking solutions that help ensure sustained high availability of infrastructure and high performance of business applications. Our end-to-end solution includes:

  • HPE Apollo 2000 server system—A flexible 2U shared infrastructure that can accommodate up to four servers, delivering an efficient, density-optimized platform in a traditional rack mount form factor for HFT workloads.
  • Arista 7300 switch series—A leading ultra-low-latency 1RU networking platform that provides a unique combination of high performance, ultra-low latency, and a balanced set of resources for the needs of financial markets.

Trade at the speed of business

We know you’re good at what you do, so let’s make sure your equipment adds to your advantage. Shave critical time off each transaction with an industry-leading infrastructure designed and optimized for high-frequency trading. The HPE and Arista solution delivers on its promise of:

  • Lower latency: Arista’s cut-through switch architecture can reduce an additional critical microseconds over store-and-forward designs, using an efficient two-tier topology with leaf and spine switches.
  • High availability: Leverage reliable Arista switches and HPE ProLiant world-class engineering and advisory service expertise from HPE Pointnext for tuning and optimizing your system for maximum frequency.
  • Agility and scalability: Take advantage of flexible architectures and software-defined networking to create a highly available and adaptable network that can be best tailored for your business needs.


Get the most from your solution with HPE Pointnext

Because one size rarely fits all, HPE Pointnext provides a broader offering of advisory, transformation, and operational services that deliver strategic implementation and operational assistance to meet your unique needs and requirements. We also offer a flexible pay-per use model—with HPE Flexible Capacity—that gives you options in terms of financing.

Overcome undesirable latency and trading delays and move ahead of the pack with every transaction. Discover just what’s possible with HPE and Arista networking by contacting your HPE sales rep or visiting HPE Data Center Networking for more information.


How HPE & Arista Are Leading the Data Center of the Future

HPE and Arista bring you a shared vision around deliverying secure Hybrid IT solutions built on industry-leading software-defined infrastructure.

Provisioning network and security services often takes weeks or even months, thanks to legacy data center networks characterized by complex, hardware-defined and static physical (CLI based) configurations and multiple silos of management.

Image 1.png

Now, modern data centers are being transformed with more efficient architectures and technologies, including compute, storage, and networking coming together as Hybrid IT. That’s why your organization requires network architectures that are open and programmable—and that are completely aligned and integrated into data center technology stacks, including compute, storage and cloud.

In partnership with Arista Networks, HPE offers a software-defined, cloud-first network architecture designed to help you address transformation challenges.

HPE and Arista share a common vision for data center networking around the need to deliver secure Hybrid IT solutions and experiences built on industry-leading software-defined infrastructure to help you operate workloads with speed and agility to grow your business.

The HPE and Arista partnership provides you with best of breed networking solutions that are superior to legacy networking solutions and that are complementary to HPE compute, storage, virtualization and cloud offerings.

Arista provides a networking foundation in the data center

The HPE Stack for Hybrid IT is open at every layer, is highly programmable and automated and allows customer choice to use best of breed to components. Arista provides a best-in-class software-defined networking layer that enables automated provisioning and programmability through virtualized network service delivery.

You can choose to modernize and scale these elements independently or consume them as converged offerings Either way, you can take advantage of new compute innovations, storage data services and software-defined networking fabrics are a critical part of a Hybrid IT foundation.

Arista’s best-of-breed technology was recently validated by its “Leaders” position in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking, validating the continued market acceptance of Arista EOS®, cloud management, telemetry, containerized EOS (cEOS)™ and how Arista is leading the way you can build cloud-scale networks.

image 2.png


Arista products are being integrated into our HPE data center infrastructure. Our joint focus is on addressing our customers most pressing data center and cloud networking use cases, including highly virtualized data centers, IP storage, high-performance computing, and data center security, to name a few.

image 3.png

With HPE and Arista, we bring you the world’s best-selling computer partnered with the industry’s faster growing data center networking vendor. The HPE and Arista portfolios brings architectural advantages and unprecedented scalability around our common vision: to deliver secure Hybrid IT built on industry-leading software-defined infrastructure to help you operate workloads with speed and agility to grow your business.

Learn more

HPE and Arista Network Solutions

HPE Trusted Network Transformation

HPE and Arista Software-defined, cloud-first network architecture