・4TB 実行容量:3.6TB

・16TB 実行容量:14.6TB

・32TB 実行容量:29.2TB



・4TB → 16TBに拡張後の実行容量(14.6TBより削減されると想定)

・16TB → 32TBに拡張後の実行容量(29.2TBより削減されると想定)



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Re: SRDF conversion from FC to IP

Create a separate RDFG for your RE ports and then perform a movepair operation to get your devices from the RF RDFG across to the RE RDFG. You will need to suspend RDF first, but it’s not a re-synch of the data:

symrdf -sid 001 addgrp -label RE_RF -rdfg 109 -dir 9g:0,7e:0 -remote_rdfg 109 -remote_dir 9g:0,7e:0 -remote_sid 002

Execute a Dynamic RDF Addgrp operation for group

‘RE_RF’ on Symm: 0001 (y/[n]) ? y

The RDF directors specified to support the dynamic RDF group are not the same type


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Re: [Avamar]avtarコマンドのオプションでのDD指定について

Avamar 7.5.1にて、avtarコマンドを使用して、クライアントからバックアップを実行する場合、バックアップ先をData Domainを指定する場合のオプションは何になるでしょうか。

以下コミュニティ:[Avamar] avtarのOn-demandでbackup実行する際、保存先をDDに指定する方法について















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PowerEdge 14G Performance Characterization for Data Analytics Technical White Paper

This technical white paper describes the tests and results of the performance characterization study of the Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Cloudera Hadoop with the PowerEdge 14th Generation (14G) server platform, using the industry-standard TPCx-Big Bench benchmark tests. Comparisons to the previous generation hardware and to similar platforms within the industry are made.

The results of this study show that, as of the time of publication, the Dell EMC 14G hardware platform outperformed the competition and offered the best price/performance for Cloudera Hadoop workloads. Specifically, the published and independently validated results show that, as of the time of publication of this paper, the Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Cloudera Hadoop on PowerEdge 14G servers:*

  • Provides the #1 price/performance in the industry
  • Delivers the #1 performance compared to HPE
  • Delivers up to 11% overall better performance compared to HPE

Dell EMC is an active member of the TPCx-Big Bench Technical Committee, and continues to collaborate with other stakeholders within the industry to maintain the TPCx-BB specification. With work such as this study, we continue to advance the state of the technology of high performance data analytics.

* Based on Dell EMC testing using TPCx-Big Bench for Scale Factor 10000, March 2018. Dell EMC test results validated by InfoSizing, an independent 3rd party. Seehttp://www.tpc.org/tpcx-bb/results/tpcxbb_perf_results.aspfor additional details.


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Memory Exploit Mitigation – Standalone Client

I need a solution

I have a use case that a client is a stand alone client. One of the applications is not starting due to Memory Exploit Mitigation. It would be easy to change this if it was a managed client. However, with a stand alone client, there are not options to change the defaults or make an exception. I have tried to export a MEM policy from a SEPM and import it. However, this did not seem to work. Anyone else run into this and have a fix?



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