Re: DD3300:容量拡張後の実行容量について


・4TB 実行容量:3.6TB

・16TB 実行容量:14.6TB

・32TB 実行容量:29.2TB



・4TB → 16TBに拡張後の実行容量(14.6TBより削減されると想定)

・16TB → 32TBに拡張後の実行容量(29.2TBより削減されると想定)



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Re: Duplicate Volume Names


I’m having a problem with one of our instances of Networker 8.x running on Windows 2008 R2. Specifically Networker is having some difficulty labeling spare tapes in our jukebox. This issue has exhausted our pool of spares and backups are currently non-functional. Naturally, I am quite concerned about getting this fixed and running normally again.

Looking at the management console I can see all the tapes listed under the devices view. For each tape it shows the barcode, however the volume field shows all tapes the spares as unlabeled. Oddly though, under the tape volumes view I am seeing something completely different. There, each tape looks to have been only (partially) labeled. I can see the pool designation, volume name and each tape shows it’s appendable with 0KB with 0% usage. Only some of the tapes are showing a corresponding barcode. Most are missing. We use the barcode as the tape label.

When networker tries to relabel these, it fails with the following error message:

“Duplicate volume name (%barcode). Select a new volume, or remove the original volume.”

Also, in the tape devices view I am seeing what looks to be corrupted volume and barcode labels. Several (6) of my already full tapes are showing “E” as both the barcode and volume name. This is a bit alarming.

I found the following community document to resolve this kind of an issue:

Given the age of this document (2012), would still be safe to follow for my version of networker?




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Re: Keyword search with AND and OR operators

Hi Krosscheck,

I personally believe what you are trying to achieve is doable using “Search Expression” field of Discovery Manager. That is the only field where I believe AND OR NOT can be used as Boolean operators.

In about mentioned guide refer to page 206,207 and 208.

Best regards,

Rajan Katwal


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