VIsualization designer 1.3 says not licenses but license manager says it is until April 2018

I just purchased the SPSS Grad Pack for WIndows. Installed on WIndows 10-64bit. VIsualization manager has been problematic form the start. First, it would not install, giving me a error message about not being able to install using current UI. After research I set the installer to Windows 7 compatability mode and the program installed. I opened license manager and added my authorization code. The License manager reports it successful and says Visualization manager is valid through APril 2018. I then try to open Visualization manager and it says the program is not licensed. I have tried repeating the licensing – no luck. Every time I open License Manager the program says the software is licensed. Can someone please advise? Screenshots attached

![alt text][1]
![alt text][2]
![alt text][3]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/12575-error-vizdes.jpg
[2]: /answers/storage/temp/12576-licensed.jpg
[3]: /answers/storage/temp/12577-lic-again.jpg


Volumes on Bluemix vs Bigger Images


I am running a python process inside one docker on bluemix, that python process downloads some files from an ftp server, and parses them.
Initially, I used a “default” size for the container, the “micro” size that has 256 MB Ram and 16GB Storage, but I am running out of space for process the files…. I need around 25 GB of Disk….
Now, I am sure about what to do… Should I contract a bigger image, the tiny one, with 512MB Ram and 32GB Storage, or is better to contract a volume ?
I am aware that if contracting a volume, I can run other containers vs the same volume, and have for example, a specific container for an ftp server (allowing me to access the same shared volume and download the data), a specific container for backup/restore, etc.. . But my doubt is about perfomance…. Volumes can be contracted with .25, 2 or 4 IOPS (perfomance), but not sure which one is the default on the docker you already have… Any suggestion ?


Softlayer account does not have the necessary permissions to order a cloud foundation instance

When trying to request an instance of VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud via the [Bluemix portal][1], the portal displayed an error that the current SoftLayer account does not have the necessary permissions.

![alt text][2]

This SoftLayer account is a master account so all permissions should be enabled. What steps are needed to determine what permissions are missing? The list in the [IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions help][3], found when searching for “SoftLayer Account requirements” is not sufficient as this userid can do all the things listed.

[2]: /answers/storage/temp/12574-screen-capture-3.jpg