Security Configuration Guide for VNX

P34 Ports used by Unisphere components on VNX for block



Storage Management server


Block CLI


(2)上記のBlock CLIとはNaviSeccliのことでしょうか。

(3)Storage Management serverと記載されているので、証明書が切れると https://<IP>/setup の画面で証明書の更新をすることもできなくなるでしょうか。

(4)ESRS IP Clientを使用しております。VNXとESRS IP Clientの間で証明書を使用していますでしょうか。


(5)上記は全て、https://<IP>/setup の画面での証明書の更新で解決されますでしょうか。


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Problem with Symantec DLP

I need a solution


I install Symantec dlp for my organization,

Oracle and enforce is the same virtual machine and my Detection Server is sperate virtual machine

I create a policy that can detect English Character in pdf and can prevent it print

but I unable to create a policy can detect none-English character and prevent it from print

what can I do?

my language is Arabic

best regard



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Re: Create comment in a discussion topic

I’m using the standard create XML which comes with the XML api kit but the create xml doesnot seem to work is there anything missing..

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?>

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=”” SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=””>


<er:ExecuteXMLCommand xmlns:er=”″ xmlns:xsi=””>


<er:command er:select=”Rooms/Room[URLName=’OCIOManagement’]/HomePage/Items/Item[Name=’Discussion Forum’]/Items/Item[Name=’Classification of dti users’]”>


<er:Item xsi:type=”erItemTypeComment”>

<er:Name>A comment on Topic2</er:Name>









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NetWorker 9 Cloning Limitations as compared to NW 8

Hi All,

I hope you guys has also gone through the same issues in NW 9 Clones.

Is there any way i can Schedule a Clone job in NW 9 to Clone the data of a Collection of particular/specific Protection groups/Workflows ?

My Scenario is we have Multiple Protection Groups/Workflows for a Client, For eg :

Daily_Backup – 2 Weeks

Weekly_Backup – 1 Month

Monthly_Backup – 12 Month

Quarterly_Backup – 3 Years

Yearly_Backup – 3 Years

Now this is for 1 client, we have ~1000 clients, so if one Protection Group/Workflow have 20-25 clients.

Now since the initial Data is backed up on DD Boost devices with 1 month retention.

Now we want to Clone the Month/Quarterly/Yearly Backups to Tapes for Long term Retention.

Now up till NW 8 we just create a single Clone job and select all Monthly groups and run it to Clone to Specific Clone Pool, same way Clone jobs are created for Quarterly/Yearly Clone jobs & Specific groups are selected to be cloned.

How to do the same in NW 9? As it does not let us select more then 1 Protection group/Workflow at a time??




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Re: snapvx VMAX 250F All Flash compatibility legacy time finder mirror

For VMAX3, there is really only SNAPVX. CLONE and MIRROR command sets are provided for backwards compatibility. When CLONE / MIRROR is run, it’s doing VX under the covers.

The thing about mirror is that it is COPY, so it cant exploit the NOCOPY feature of native SNAPVX. Also SNAPVX is the only command set that allows for targetless snaps.

In other words, while it might be convenient to keep using mirror, you are quite likely throwing capacity away (copy) by keeping with the old command set.


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