Issues with configuring source dsn for Oracle RAC to run Information Analyzer Jobs.

The source db is an oracle RAC. So i provided the below technote to configure datasource for odbc.

They followed the technote and are getting this problem

QLSTATE = 08001
MSG = [IBM(DataDirect OEM)][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]Connection Dead. This may have occurred because the server requires Oracle Advanced Security.To enable the driver to use OAS, please use the DataIntegrityLevel and/or EncryptionLevel connect options.


Engine tier nodes still showing up in the host name drop down list for Information Analyzer Analysis Engine Settings

IS Linux Install – Engine Nodes still showing up in host name drop down list for Information Analyzer Analysis Engine Settings after uninstall. The problem is unregistering one node (Engine) that customer uninstalled using the uninstall wizard but there are some registry not cleaned that generates the following problems (still showing the node (infos07d))


Using one Developer Portal with multiple Catalogs?

Can I use one Developer Portal URL with multiple Catalogs?

I do have 3 different set of Gateways which serves 3 different business domains but I want to allow Developers to come to one Developer Portal to know APIs available at all those 3 Gateways/Catalogs and call the right API Gateway URL based on which API they are interested in.. Can I do that?


How to resolve issues of IA exceptions whenever we run rules that were created by past employees ?

We’re seeking your advice or recommendation because we’re getting user
not found exceptions — in the thousands whenever we run rules. These
analysts have left the company 5,7 years ago yet we continue to get
exceptions whenever rules they developed ran.

[olubankole.adewumi] is not found in the repository.
[10/4/16 15:53:04:477 CDT] 0000003d SystemOut O 2016-10-04 15:53:
04,476 ERROR server.ISFDirectoryServiceUtils – Exception in
DirectoryService.validateUserId() with principalId olubankole.adewumi User [olubankole.
adewumi] is not found in the repository.


Unable to login to Bluemix after registration

I just registered to a free beta on IBM Bluemix and activated the account by clicking on the link I received in the email. However, when I try to login to the account I get the error: “We didn’t recognize this IBMid or email”. I can use the same email and password to login the DW with no problem. Any help appreciated. Thanks.