How do I get Access token, UAA token and Refresh token to use it in Container service APIs

To use Bluemix Container Service API, we need parameters – Authorization (Access token), X-Auth-Refresh-Token and X-Auth-UAA-Token as the required ones. How do I obtain following token from Bluemix CLI? Please share the command to retrieve individual parameters.

Also the AccountID and OrgID is showing up the same. Is this expected?

API endpoint: (API version: 2.54.0)
Region: us-south
Account: Nitin’s Account (d03e745638acdxxxxb95712730ddyyyy)
Space: dev

$ bx iam org-account –guid


Problems with preview of PDF document susing embedded font Courier Type 1

We have PDF documents that use Courier Type one as an embedded font. No problems in displaying the document in Daeja Pro or PDF Browser. When running preview or print, the document is not readble anymore. I follwówed the instructions to:
– install motif
– setup environment parameter in websphere
– made sure to have a x-Windows Display host
– made sure to install Courier Type 1 on the linux server in the GDFONTPATH
still the document looks like the font is replaced wrong.
Running ICN 2.0.3 fp8 on CPE 5.2.1 both on Suse LES 11![alt text][1]
It still seems that Outside-in is not using the included Fonts n GDFONTPATH
Appreciate any help!

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/13927-preview.jpg


Web browser within Eclipse was unable to automatically open the url of app after deployment in bluemix, and test the app with Postman failed

Hi, everyone,

I was trying to deploy a project to bluemix with bluemix eclipse plug-in following the video of **configure eclipse in the course of Optimizing Java cloud development with Eclipse**.

When I set the unique name of the project and deploy it to bluemix, I have a serious problem here. The issue is that after the deployment, the web browser within eclipse **should automatically open** the url of the application deployed in bluemix, but it can’t and display the following error message. However, the app has already been deploy and running on bluemix, and when I open the url from bluemix dashboard, it works fine. But within web browser in eclipse, it’s wrong. ***Although I can manually*** copy the url into web browser within eclipse, it works OK, but in theory, it should be automatically open the url of deployed app in Bluemix.
![alt text][1]

And due to this problem, when I test the app deployed to bluemix using Postman shown in the video, it tells me that the error below where the url is not found. Do you have any ideas here? Thanks for your help.

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/13925-529249e7d84dbd8b.jpg


IBM Blockchain – HSBN vNext ordering peer entering on fatal state and add peer error


I noticed these two errors while getting started with HSBN vNext on Bluemix:

1. The first one happened when I just created my HSBN vNext instance. It automatically generated 3 orderer peers, but they keep entering on fatal state as you can see on the image below captured on the peer log.
![alt text][1]
Is there any place that I need to set up the “method of output”, as indicated on the image above?

2. The second happens when I try to create a new peer by clicking on the “Add Peer” button. It starts a loading animation that suddenly stops after a few seconds and I got no response. I tried to create using both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance,

Cauê Garcia Polimanti

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/13921-orderer-peer-fatal-error.png


Streamtool hangs only for the owner of streams install : RH6

This is an odd one:

* Running under user1:streams, streamtool works just fine. Streams install is owned by streams:streams.

* Running under streams:streams streamtool hangs – with any command. Even streamtool version just hangs. No error logs, just sits.

Any suggestions?