ODM_HOME error while adding a node to cluster

![alt text][1]When i try to add a node to the existing cluster ( say DSCluster ) , it throws an error saying that “You have not specified the right ODM_HOME! Exiting ! ”

I have set the ODM_HOME = C:Program FilesIBMODM88 and this path worked during the creation of cluster but throws the above error during adding a node to that cluster.

Is the path mentioned for ODM_HOME correct ?

Please let me know if any clue,

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/13569-capture.png


Why IBM Installation Manager keeps asking my IBM ID and password even tough I provide a valid one?

I work for IBM and I’m setting up a new development laptop (Lenovo T460, running RHEL 7.3). I’ve installed IBM Installation Manager 1.8.6 as part of RSA 9.6 install. In addition, yesterday I’ve installed WAS, WLP, IHS, IBM Java SDK 7.1 and other tools and all was fine. However, today I’m not being able to do anything in IM since it keeps asking my IBM ID saying it’s invalid and it’s not. I’ve just tested it in various other IBM sites such as Bluemix, DeveloperWorks, etc. So, I’m sure it’s not a problem with my IBM ID and password.

I suspect the authentication server used by IBM Installation Manager is down or facing any other issue. Is anyone here also facing this issue?

Thanks in advance!