How to use Swift-Kuery (PostgreSQL) ?


I’m trying to use Swift-Kuery-PostgreSQL (

How can I execute and get the result of SQL query like below with Swift-Kuery?


let myTable = MyTable()
let sqlQuery = Select(from: myTable).where(myTable.MyId == 10) // How can I COUNT this?
let sqlQueryRaw = “SELECT COUNT(*) FROM myTable WHERE myTable = 10” // Does this work for Raw query?

connection.execute(sqlQuery) { queryResult in
// How can I get the result from the queryResult?

Thank you



SPSS trial can’t detect access to the internet

Hi, I’ve downloaded a trial version of SPSS 24 for Mac but on startup it says it can’t detect internet access so unable to validate the trial. I have wireless internet access and have disabled the firewall but it still can’t detect access. Is it possible to verify the trial without it trying to go online?


Missing default virtual host property of web container in the result json of WebSphere Configuration Discovery

I am running UrbanCode Deploy with ‘WAS – Configure’ plugin version 40.

I created a WAS instance with 1 cell, 1 node and 1 app server. After running ‘WebSphere Configuration Discovery’, I checked the result json and found info about the web container as below:

“path”: “/@websphere.cell@/Nodes/@websphere.node@/Servers/@websphere.server@/Application Servers/ApplicationServer0/Web Containers/WebContainer0”,
“teamMappings”: [],
“inheritTeam”: “true”,
“roleProperties”: {
“websphere.webcontainer.numberasynctimerthreads”: “2”,
“websphere.webcontainer.defaultasyncservlettimeout”: “30000”,
“websphere.webcontainer.sessionaffinitytimeout”: “0”,
“websphere.webcontainer.asyncrunnableworkmanager”: “wm/default”,
“websphere.webcontainer.allowasyncrequestdispatching”: “false”,
“websphere.webcontainer.enableservletcaching”: “false”,
“websphere.webcontainer.useasyncrunnableworkmanager”: “true”,
“websphere.webcontainer.disablepooling”: “false”,
“websphere.webcontainer.maximumpercentageexpiredentries”: “15”,
“websphere.webcontainer.maximumresponsestoresize”: “100”,
“websphere.webcontainer.asyncincludetimeout”: “60000”
“name”: “WebContainer0”,
“roleName”: “WebSphereWebContainer”,
“description”: “Discovered WebSphereWebContainer”

I can match all properties of the web container in the json with those in WAS admin console except the property ‘Default virtual host’, which seems not exported.

Is this a problem with WAS Config plugin?