Start manual explore capture from command line

I am very new to AppScan Standard and am currently trying to set up a scenario that I’m not entirely sure is possible.

Via the GUI, I have had success doing a ‘manual’ explore to capture my REST API traffic, though rather than manual I am firing off my REST automation suite (via proxy) and exporting the results upon completion.

In an attempt to automate this, I would rather forego using the AppScan Standard GUI at all, and start/stop a recording session via the command line (AppScanCMD.exe?). I have found no documentation or questions directly relating to this, so my question is in two parts:

1. Is this a possible use of the AppScan Standard command line – can I remotely start/stop recording of traffic if I have a scan template all set up?
2. What command(s) and steps might I need to set this up – the AppScanCmd help commands do not provide any guidance that’s digestible by me.

Thanks in advance.