Why do I get HTTP 403 “Forbidden” after installation of IHS on AIX ?

I have newly installed IBM HTTP Server 8.5.5 on AIX v7.1, default httpd.conf file.
The httpd process is starting without any problems, but when I to access the document root of the server like

then it ends up with an error 403 “Forbidden”.

I have already checked the file system permissions for my document root folder, which is:

total 12
0 drwxr-xr-x 3 root system 256 Feb 11 12:35 .
4 drwx—— 23 root system 4096 Feb 11 12:35 ..
4 -rwxr-xr-x 1 root system 1184 Mar 07 2012 http_server_styles.css
0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root system 256 Feb 11 12:35 images
4 -rwxr-xr-x 1 root system 3491 Mar 07 2012 index.html
So there is read permission for “other”, which should be fine.

Any idea what’s wrong here ?


How do I get the actual SQLSTATE thrown via Response or Request Filter ?

Trigger created in db2, working as expected from another client but not from Content Navigator

SET MESSAGE_TEXT=’Update can only be done by Supervisor’;*
But when executed via ICN , the error number responded is different.

“errors”: [
“adminResponse”: null,
“moreInformation”: null,
“explanation”: “The item might be checked out by another user, you might not have the appropriate permissions to edit the properties of the item, or the item might be referenced by another item in the repository, which prevents the item from being edited.”,
“number”: “3316”,
“userResponse”: “Refresh the results and try to edit the properties of the item again. If the problem persists, ask your administrator whether the item is referenced by another item or whether you need different permissions to edit the properties of the item.”,
“text”: “Your changes cannot be saved.”

Question: Anyone
Looks like the error number is not the same thrown by the trigger.
How do I capture this actual SQLSTATE signal ?


What can cause “Communication problems with Nameserver Services” in a fresh 7.1 install?

After installing a 7.1 Impact, following error is notice to occur after some time:
ERROR [ClusterMember] Unable to login to configured name servers [host [somehost], port [9080], location [/nameserver/services], SSL enabled [false], host [somehost], port [9080], location [/nameserver/services], SSL enabled [false]]; will reattempt after 10000 milliseconds.com.micromuse.response.common.RespException: Unable to login to any of the Nameservers in the cluster!
com.micromuse.response.common.RespException: Unable to login to any of the Nameservers in the cluster!
com.micromuse.response.broker.cluster.UddiClusterNameserverHelper.login( UddiClusterNameserverHelper.java:106)

Caused by:
DESC: DynamicBindingException: Communication problems with Nameserver Services:

Where might be:
“Connection refused (Connection refused)” or

“Read timed out”


How do I get collapse transactions to trigger addParty behaviour extensions?

In MDM 11.3, I have created a behaviour extension to the addParty, addPerson and addOrganization transactions, that adds an Enterprise Identifier to the newly created party (as described here: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/wikis/form/anonymous/api/wiki/39910334-5bc5-4473-99a8-e4ef8944bd0a/page/aa481256-fa4d-4f1e-9e2d-b97b713fc44a/attachment/f31e8a0a-bd13-4321-8661-7ae726afb3ab/media/MDM_AE-EnterpriseIdentifier.pdf)

When calling the collapseMultipleParties transaction (which adds a new party), I’ve noticed that the extension is not being triggered. Stepping through the code using a debugger, I’ve found that when the collapse transaction creates the new party, it calls the addPartySimple method in the TCRMPartyComponent class instead of the regular addParty.

My question is: Since I cannot extend the functionality of addPartySimple (it does not show up in the workbench, when adding an extension), how do I force triggering of my extension?


error with the Guardium console.

Hello guys, I’m new to Guardium and i’m trying to make a POC and get familiarized with it. I have donwloaded from software sellers website – GUARD_PRODUCT_IMAGE_V10.1.2_MPF_E.zip – Security_Guardium_Product_Image_V10.1.2_DVD.iso. I have selected custom partition installation as the standard installation did not work. I have installed, I have configured the IP, DNS, NETMASK, all of that but when I’m trying to go to the console :8443 I receive the error attached to the file. Does anybody have encounter this error? I have restart the GUI with the restart gui command, I have also restart the system, but still without success. What I want is to install Ibm security guardium for files and try to integrate in qradar. But the integration is another story. Can anyon![alt text][1]e help me out ? Thanks.

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/13184-error-guardium.jpg