M3 and M4 appliances

Hi all,

Have some questions in regards to M3 and M4 appliances below:

1. Other than the differences in specifications, are there any other differences between them?
2. Can a M3 console managed a M4 host (EP/EC)? Likewise, can a M4 console managed a M3 host (EP/EC)?



Does websocket works with Liberty collective + IHS?

Hi all.

I can connect my websocket program by directly connect to one of Liberty server but has trouble to connect through IHS. Current configuration is IHS -> Collective controller -> 2 Liberty server.

I expect it works by automatically generated WebSphere plugin when I just enable websocket to liberty side but not. General http connection is works fine through IHS.

Want to know is it supported architecture before investigate more.

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Using Qradar Deploy Changes and Deploy Full Configuration

Hi all,

Does anyone know exactly when should we use Deploy Changes or Deploy Full Configuration?

Based on the forum article, https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/forums/html/topic?id=99ba6828-a33c-44c5-8083-9380fd141b91 , i kind of understand the differences between the two in terms of the system behavior they bring, such as Deploy Full Configuration will result in a gap in data collection.

However, I would like to understand exactly under what circumstances should we use either Deploy Changes or Deploy Full Configuration.

Thanks in advanced!