How do I fix description field to show spaces in between words in SPSS v.21 student edition?

I am running frequencies in SPSS version 21 (student edition) on 6 questions of common themes from my survey results. I have to make the column titles sentences. I imported survey results from excel into SPSS. But now, when I run frequencies……the category titles show as one word in SPSS output. There are no spaces in between words!
for example:. In excel the sentence appears as: Theme 0: question is unanswered or left blank
SPSS output:@Theme0:questionisunansweredorleftblank
How do I fix this ???? thanks


Generate a Report about process Instances using KPIs or Tracking ( Monitor Process Performance )

Hi All,
I have this scenario with IBM BPM 8.5.7:
I’m using the Unstructured process [case type process ] to model ” Cheque Clearance process ” where the user has a control over process flow instead of the system . you can see process ![alt text][1]and portal in attachments ![alt text][2] ![alt text][3] ![alt text][4].

I want to generate 2 reports about process Instances i.e [Monitor process ] like that:
1- a percentage of process instances that finish after one assignment VS what’s finished after 2 assignments VS 3 assignment and so On …
These percentages is related to total number of Process Instances happened

2- Trace every user action through Process Instances, for example, Michael received 10 tasks, He assigned 5 to Kevin and finished others.
and I want this to all members in groups Associated with Process

after some search, I find that I can use KPIs or Tracking in BPM can used to monitor process performance
B![ut I don’t know how to do such thing and have no imagination about How this is possible
Can any one provide applicable Idea or help me in this issue ?!
Thanks .

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/13340-1.png
[2]: /answers/storage/temp/13341-2.png
[3]: /answers/storage/temp/13342-3.png
[4]: /answers/storage/temp/13343-4.png


JDBC Gateway Illegal Conversion Error

When the Netcool OMNIbus JDBC gateway attempts to insert a row into the DB2 database, the following error is received:

2017-02-25T01:31:03: Error: E-GJA-000-000: [ngjava]: G_JDBC: pool-1-
thread-5: [jcc][1083][10395][3.68.61] Illegal conversion: can not
convert from “” to “java.sql.Timestamp” ERRORCODE=-4474,
How can I resolve this error?