Field Validation on Datacap Navigator

Hello everyone,

I am trying to implement validation on the verify panel of Datacap Navigator.
Fields with incorrect data are labelled correctly in red however even if you still enter data using an incorrect format and have SetIsOverridable as false, the user is still able to submit the document form with being stopped or denied.

What is the correct way to implement and deny overriding on the navigator client ?

![Please see attached screen shot:][1]


[1]: /answers/storage/temp/12214-validation.png


“Unable to verify MAC” error in WAS when trying to replace a certificate

I am running WAS with third-party (trusted root CA) certificates, and need to replace those personal certificates in the NodeDefaultKeyStores, because they will expire soon.

I already have imported the new certificate, so I have “default” and “default2”.
But when I try to use the “replace” function, so that the expiring certificate will be replaced with the new one (including the option “delete old certificate after replacement”) this ends up in the following error:

(X) Unable to verify MAC.

As the new certificate was already imported successfully, I have no idea why it is failing now.


Unable to access DASH after installation with amendment to context root

After a fresh installation of DASH 3.1.x an attempt to access the HTTP or HTTPS ports results in an Error 404 and a NoTargetForURIException in SystemOut.log

The installation appeared to complete successfully.
Error text may include:
Error 404: No
target servlet configured for uri
HttpMethodDir I
org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodDirector executeWithRetry I/O
exception ( caught when processing request:
Connection refused
TDINavModel I TDI server unavailable: ;


Using IntegratedSecurity with SQL Server JDBC Configurable Service

I’m trying to use the Select rows from a database option in the GDM and connect to a SQL Server DB using integratedSecurity. I cannot seem to figure out from all the Knowledge base and Microsoft articles how to configure a JDBC provider to use the integratedSecurity option successfully. It works fine if you use the reccommendations, but no one I know of using SQL Server professionally allows local SQL Logins anymore.
Would you know where to put the sql_auth.dll and will it work without Kerberos?
I’d like a little more explicitness in my life.