Azure VM Performance issues

I am a user of the Bizspark program and I am testing the Azure cloud features on a DS2_V2 virtual machine (2 cores, 7GB of RAM) with Windows Server 2016 Datacenter in the Western US and I am worried about machine performance.

In tests I used a standard Apache Server, PHP7 and MySQL Server installations. In Apache I hosted a simple eCommerce Web page without using any DNS to redirect, that is, I was accessing the page directly through the DNS address provided by the Azure portal.

In a basic Amazon Webservices machine (1 core, 1GB of RAM) also in the Western US followed the same installation procedures as those of Azure.

Result: The Azure server always takes at least twice as long to respond to any request, be it a page opening, a remote database query or even a PHP script querying the local database .

As an example: opening the page on Azure took 9 seconds until it started loading on the screen. On Amazon, loading started in 4 seconds.

My question, which was not answered by a Microsoft technician in a recent support call, is: what can impact a machine’s performance in this way?


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