Hyperledger Fabric for the Enterprise – Privacy & Security Strategies

Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) blockchain’s architecture was designed from the ground up to be highly extensible with plug and play modules in order to meet most business cases. The many permuatations of these modules, also make it hard to decide what to use and how to configure them properly. In most cases this is not well documented, nor are the best practices easy to find, and hence seldom followed. This results in unsafe, buggy, and slow systems not worthy of what one expects of any enterprise application, blockchain nonewithstanding!

In this session, we will address the challenges of privacy and security by presenting the best patterns and methodologies, of how to implement enterprise grade HLF blockchain implementations. Further more we will cite real world examples – illustrated with diagrams, code-patterns and in some cases short demos or video segments.

If you attend this session, you can expect to:

* Obtain a deep understanding of the privacy mechanisms in the current HLF version 1.4

* Learn about the security aspects of HLF and IBM Blockchain platform with respect to choosing the right mix of pluggable modules, configuration as well as cloud topology. Get a good feel of how important it is to consider the impact of hardware choices on security for your particular blockchain use case.

* Find out what kind of businesses and verticals that are adopting some or all of these privacy and security mechanisms in the real world today.


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