CICS Explorer CMCI SMSS connection fails IZE0106E Connect failed with error Not Found

I just converted one of our test CICS regions to V5.2, and then I tried
to connect this region from our V5.2 CICS Explorer, then I see the
connection failed message;

IZE0106E Connect failed with error Not Found

The same test region will connect to Explorer if we run it with V4.2

My test CICS region when I try to connect does issue the following messages, so I don’t think this is a security
issue or the port being blocked or anything as it is clearly running in the region. I get the same set of messages
in my CICS 4.2 region where it connects successfully.

I’ve attached my Explorer Service Data zip file.

I’d appreciate if you can suggest anything on this to make it work.


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