comparison expected and rela pages failed

hello . I have a document (learning template) and I have created a rule in order to count the number of real pages (assign to pages) and to count the numbet of ecpected_pages (based on a number of pages from the separator) . the results are in document level (see document level). I have created a rule to compare these two fields ( rrcompare(@D.Expected_Pages,@D.Real_Pages) assigned to the document but the problem is that even if the number are not matched like here , the batch is not going to Fixup but it continues till the end. what I have to change in order if the numbers are not the same the batch will go to FIXUP
thanks in advance

![alt text][1]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/12278-compare-expected-real-assisgn-to-doc.jpg


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