Connection problems with DHCP solved setting a DHCP client ID. Why?

We are using DHCP in the office and from time to time when I try to connect for first time, my connection is stuck: I get an IP from the DHCP server but the connection doesn’t work (I keep the ping command running to check that). But “magically” I found this morning that the problem was solved after setting a DHCP client ID in network settings (I’m using Linux Ubuntu). Why? I would like to know if it was just a coincidence or not. I used to have this problem in the past and the connection started working after waiting around 5-10 minutes.

I guess this connection problem is caused for some sort of problem identifying clients in the DHCP server (using their MAC I guess), so maybe setting this (optional) DHCP client ID manually is in some way “refreshing” the DHCP server to properly identify my computer?

Hope you can add some clue guys. I’m very curious about that.



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