CSR to Let’s Encrypt CRT on Windows in manual mode [on hold]

I need a Let’s Encrypt certificate to enable HTTPS on my website. I’ve tried some ACME clients, but I can’t get the CSR file. What is the easiest way to do it on my own computer (Windows 10)?


the desired end state

I need a Let’s Encrypt certificate on my own computer (Windows 10) e.g. on the desktop, named as cert.csr.

the specific problem or error

Lack of knowledge: I don’t know what software should I use, what steps should I take to get the cert.

sufficient information about the configuration and environment to
reproduce it

I use a Windows 10 PC with FTP and DNS access to my website’s remote server.

attempted solutions

I wanted to use Certbot, but “Certbot is currently only available for UNIX-like operating systems.“.

I’ve tried to use some of the client list items, but none of those worked for me.


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