Datacap not assigning index values read from QR code

Hi All, hopefully you can tell me what I’m missing.

I’m working with Datacap 9.1.

Goal: Read a single QR code from my document. Parse out values (caseID and DocumentType) assign values to CaseID and DocumentType fields on document.

What works: Barcode is read, custom .rrx pulls values out of barcode and assigns them to temp values (see exert from pageid.xml and pageid from rule runner) – I do get the CaseID cannot be blank error though… Must be validation?

![alt text][1]

Position0 : 816,818,1623,1624
BarcodeData : 298/298(SP) – Senior Snap Application|12345678|23456789|098765432109
tDocumentType : 298/298(SP) – Senior Snap Application
tCID : 12345678
tPriority : 23456789
tEnvelopeID : 098765432109
DATAFILE : tm000001.xml
ErrorMessage : Case ID field can not be blank

What doesn’t work: Barcode values are not assigned to corresponding index values
![alt text][2]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/14630-2017-04-28-13-56-21.png
[2]: /answers/storage/temp/14633-2017-04-28-13-58-57.png

What am I doing wrong? Did I even provide enough info for you to tell? I know my barocode.rrx should be good, it came from a working instance. Any suggestions would be helpful. If I don’t figure this out BAD things will happen to me.


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