5 Lessons Learned from Enterprise-scale IT Transformations

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Experience shows that there are common best practices that successful IT Transformation initiatives share. Can you benefit from the ‘lessons learned’ in on-the-ground execution of enterprise-scale IT transformations? 

Transforming IT is not easy. And neither is talking about it. It’s a big topic. It’s complicated. And it means something different for every organization. Conversations tend to split into two: high-end discussions of digital business strategy on one hand—and detailed feature-and-function technology comparisons on the other.

But business-enabling IT transformation happens only when the gap between strategy and implementation is bridged—when the business strategy is informed by what IT can do—and IT understands and delivers what the business needs.

Take 5

To offer a more holistic perspective, as well as practical advice, on some of the most critical—and, often, overlooked—aspects of IT transformation, we offer a new video series: Top 5 Takeaways for IT Transformation.

These five short videos, hosted by Tom Roloff, Senior Vice President of Business and IT Transformation for Dell Technologies, distills the experience gained in the delivery of thousands of client IT transformation projects.

Check out our Top 5 Takeaways for moving forward, more quickly, with more confidence, to achieve your own IT Transformation objectives.

#1. Get aligned. When digital disruptors threaten the business, sequential project management is neither fast nor agile enough. How do you bring stakeholders together to define outcomes? How do you keep workstreams aligned, in sync, and moving forward?

Watch: Takeaway #1: IT Transformation Demands Parallel Workstreams

#2. Customize where it counts. Too many IT teams focus on infrastructure—when they can add significantly more value through customization of IT services or consumption models to meet specific business needs.

Watch: Takeaway #2: Shifting IT Consumption Model from Custom Projects to Cloud Services

#3. Modernize applications. Applications are the engines of digital business, but time-to-market depends on shifting spend from legacy apps to innovation. With automated tools and repeatable “factory” migration, rationalization of the entire application portfolio becomes practical.

Watch: Takeaway #3: Transforming Applications: Increasing Agility while Reducing Cost

#4. Transform the operating model. The need for a new kind of Operating Model is typically one of the most underestimated aspects of IT Transformation. Moving from silos of technology to end-to-end service delivery requires profound changes in roles and responsibilities, best practices, metrics, and skillsets. It can’t be an afterthought.

Watch: Takeaway #4: Transforming the Operating Model—The Hardest Part

 #5. Sustain the momentum. Long-term success requires measurable payback along the way. That’s why it’s important to identify incremental milestones that deliver business-visible results quickly—and at regular “stepping stone” intervals to build a transformation roadmap.

Watch: Takeaway #5: Building Your Transformation Roadmap: Achieving Sustained Progress in Short Bursts

Speed counts

If there’s a consistent theme to our Top 5 Takeaways, it’s this: speed counts. So move now and leverage the experience, solutions, and services of strategic partners to avoid pitfalls, accelerate results, and even leapfrog whole segments of the journey.

At Dell EMC Services, we help bridge the gap between strategy and implementation by packaging the learning gained in the delivery of IT Transformation programs into repeatable methodologies and integrated and automated tools, solutions, and services.

I invite you to take advantage of the learning culled from experience gained in more than 15,000 IT transformation projects—including global initiatives in Fortune 500 companies and transformation projects with our own Dell IT organization:

If you are wondering how to get started, I suggest: Getting Started with IT Transformation: A proven & practical approach.

I would love to hear your thoughts by commenting below.

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