Avamar Client for Windows: Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) failed with error Firmware mismatch between source (UEFI) and target (BIOS) machines

Article Number: 499637 Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

Avamar Client for Windows

BMR restore and get failure with error ‘Firmware mismatch between source (UEFI) and target (BIOS) machines’

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Source (backup) contains UEFI boot firmware, however, target (current machine) configured with BIOS boot firmware.

Avamar detect this mismatch between source and target boot firmware, so the PreRestore failed with error code : 0x8007065e, the BMR restore job will be terminated.

As a workaround, shutdown the target VM, and change the boot firmware of that VM from BIOS to EFI, power on and try the BMR restore.

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