Be Ready for IoT with Dell Technologies IoT Connected Bundles

The age of IoT is upon us…

Given this new era, an important question to ask ourselves and our customers is “are you ready?”

According to IDC estimates, there will be over 80 billion IoT connected devices by 2025, generating over 162 zettabytes of data.Growth in IoT is exploding and across the globe, companies are eager to implement IoT solutions.

Dell Technologies understands the power of IoT and has been hard at work to help customers of all sizes implement and scale their IoT initiatives. Proof of our dedication to IoT is our recently launched IoT Connected Bundles. Exclusively for channel partners, these use case specific IoT Connected Bundles enable customers to deploy IoT solutions that are purpose-built, approachable, interoperable and market validated.

What is an IoT Connected Bundle?

It is complicated to build IoT solutions, which typically are a mix of components like sensors, gateways, partner software applications and network connections to create the end-to-end solution.

With IoT Connected Bundles, most of the guesswork is removed.

The IoT Connected Bundles are turnkey solutions. In a single box, the bundles provide all necessary components for successful IoT deployment targeted to a specific use case.

What use cases do the IoT Connected Bundles target?

For the first seven IoT Connected Bundles, we’ve partnered with domain experts in:

How can I order the IoT Connected Bundles?

The first four bundles were launched at VMworld this past August and include the following partners – ELM Fieldsight, Modius, V5 Systems and ActionPoint.

These bundles are currently available through TechData.

How can I learn more?

As per Joyce Mullen, there is a “goldmine” in IoT for partners who choose to invest in understanding the environment and outcomes.

With IoT Connected Bundles, IoT competency is instilled, granting access to the much anticipated IoT gold rush.

Come hear more about the IoT Connected Bundles on our December 4th, 2018 webcast hosted by Chris Wolff, Dell Technologies Head of Global OEM & IoT Partnerships. Click here to register.


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