Dell EMC Proven Professional Spotlight: Swapnil Pandey

Swapnil_Pandey.jpgEmployer: Gestalt Gild Ltd

Function/Role: Solution Architect

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Certification(s) Achieved:

  • Dell EMC Certifications
    • Information Storage Associate Version 2 (EMCISA)
    • Implementation Engineer, VNX Solutions Expert Version 8.0 (EMCIEe)
    • Implementation Engineer, RecoverPoint Specialist Version 1.0 (EMCIE)
    • Implementation Engineer, Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Version 7.0 (EMCIE)
    • Implementation Engineer, Unity Solutions Specialist Version 1.0 (EMCIE)
    • Implementation Engineer, XtremIO Solutions Specialist Version (EMCIE)
    • Platform Engineer, VNX Specialist Version 8.0 (EMCPE) 2017-05-10
    • XtremIO 3.x Flash Storage Solutions 2015-11-13 2015-11-13
    • Technology Architect, VNX Solutions Specialist Version 7.0 (EMCTA)
    • Technology Architect, XtremIO Solutions Specialist Version 1.0 (EMCTA)
    • VCE Certified Converged Infrastructure Associate (VCE-CIA)
  • Other Certifications
    • VMware certified Professional VCP 5.x
    • IBM Certified System Administrator – AIX V1
    • IBM Certified Specialist – Midrange Storage Technical Support V3
    • Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales Skills V1
    • IBM Certified Specialist System Storage DS8000 Technical solutions V3
    • IBM Certified Specialist System Storage XIV Tech
    • SUN Certified System Administrator Solaris 11
    • SUN Certified System Administrator Solaris 10
    • SUN Certified Network Administrator (SCSA Solaris 10)
    • Oracle Certified Associate Solaris 11
    • Oracle VM 3.0 x86 Certified Implementation Specialist
    • SNIA Certified Storage Professional
    • Rackspace CloudU Certificate for Cloud Computing
    • TOGAF 9 Certification

Education: Bachelors in Science, Delhi University, India

DECN: Swapnil_Pandey

LinkedIn: Swapnil Pandey

Twitter: @swaptweet12

How would you describe a typical day in your current role? What’s your favorite part of your job?

My typical day at work involves discussion of various technologies and solutions that can help customers solve their problem and also implementing them as per requirements from customers. We generally go into detail on how to get it working and how we can address customer concerns.

My favorite part is when the hard work pays off and customers recognize that the work we do helps them address their issues and concerns. As well, we gain our customers confidence while doing so.

How long have you worked with Dell EMC products? How did you develop your expertise?

I have worked with Dell EMC products for about 9 years and 6 months. To build my skills and expertise over this time, I have benefited greatly from the interesting range of training and certification offerings found on the EMC Education Services web site ( The Dell EMC Community Network also plays a significant role in learning new things.

How highly do you prioritize training for yourself? How do you identify opportunities for training and development?

Training is a very important aspect of my job profile. The type of job we do requires us to be trained and aware of emerging technologies and trends. Adoption of training and development opportunities is highly influenced by assessing market trends and customer requirements. My interest is focused on Modern Infrastructure, Virtualization and Business Continuity Planning so I prefer to pursue more training in those areas.

How long have you been a member of the Dell EMC Community Network (DECN)? What benefits have you found from being active in the Community?

I have been a member of the Dell EMC Community for more than 7 years. It is a great place for technical exchanges. Many technical issues get addressed or answered through DECN.

The depth of the knowledgeable people we have around us is astounding.

I’m most impressed by the willingness of the DECN community to help others which, in turn, inspires all of us to contribute. I have received a lot of help from DECN members. The response is quick and always appropriate. I try to contribute where possible.

Name a major achievement in your career or any awards that you have won. What did you win the award for?

I have been recognized for almost all the endeavors/projects in which I have been involved and have won many awards though none I wish to specify. However, I can highlight that throughout my career I have been rated as ‘Exceeds expectation’ and ‘Outstanding’ by companies I have worked for.

What value does your certification bring to you? How has being certified helped you professionally?

It gives me immense confidence and a somewhat competitive edge. It has also been a great way to earn recognition. The biggest benefit which I see is, apart from colleagues and management, your customers also value and trust you.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out in the Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program?

Just go for it. Though challenging, you’ll discover that after achieving that first certification, you’ll want to pursue others. It may not be easy but the returns are great.

What technology do you think will most transform IT in the next ten years?

The list can be huge but here are a few: Blockchain, Brain Computer Interface, and Deep Learning.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself? Do you have any hobbies?

I like studying new technologies and also the process-oriented approach to IT. How IT can help business to excel and such. I’m also trying to learn guitar and wish to spend some time playing in my spare time. There are so many things to do and to learn with so little time…

If you could time travel backwards, which historical person would you most like to meet? What would you ask her/him?

Staying in this era, I would ask Steve Jobs to make me part of his idea creation process. He revolutionized technology and was one of the great influencers with many ideas.

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