Host to Lun mapping question

Hello Armin2504,

Array LUNs (including VNX) have a 128-bit universally unique ID (so called UUID or WWN); 128-bit UUIDs begin with a 6 (this is the NAA – Network Address Authority), and in total are represented by 32 hex characters. For example:

6006016b071e5c98ab5ceb0314159265 (made up by myself for illustration)

This is the string from the VNX that identifies the LUN, and that you should be able to interrogate from the host-side. You could use the EMC command ‘inq’ with the following syntax (download the correct version of ‘inq’ for the specific OS:

  • inq -clar_wwn

Alternatively, each OS will have a native command to interrogate the LUN UUIDs. An ESX example would be the ‘esxcli’ command – see VMware KB 1003973 (“Obtaining LUN Pathing Information....”). The vSphere client (device list) will also show the NAA-6 LUN UUIDs.

(For Linux native commands Google ‘systool’)

HTH, Richard.


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