How to free some space on DDBoost device (NW9.1/DD OS5.7)

Dear Experts!

I have capacity problem with NW 9.1 and DD2500. (ddos 5.7)

We use boost technology with the Networker 9.1.

We have very limited capacity and we have to free up some save sets on the DD.

Customer told us, we have to removes some backups from the DD.

So i change the retention of the save set and change the status from browseable to recoverable

I follow this scenario:

1. change the browse time of the save set:

nsrmm -e “09/01/2017” -S <ssid>

(-w is not required for NW9, and it is not working)

2. set the save set to recyclable

nsrmm -o “recyclable” -y -S <ssid>

remark: save set flag is changing from vrF (recoverable ) to vEF (eligible for recycling)

3a run the Server expiration or run

3a nsrim -X

After that the ssid is disappearing from mminfo output.

4. run nsrstage -C <ssid>

The result is the following:

On the networker console:

– removed 31 gb from saveset from volume

– recovered 31 gb from saveset from volume

– No space recovered from the device dd2500 because no savesets eligble for deletion

– No space recovered on the Data Domain device

Sometimes this savesets removed from the ddboost device, sometimes not. Some savesets have clone copies.


– How can i remove these savesets from the DD device? (Which is not in index, still on dd)

– Support suggested me this sequence, but it isnt working

– What is the correct sequence for expiration and removing if we have clone copies too?

Thanks a lot!


Pal Szabo


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