Isilon Gen6: Addressing Generation 6 Battery Backup Unit (BBU) Test Failures[2]

Article Number: 518165 Article Version: 7 Article Type: Break Fix

Isilon Gen6,Isilon H400,Isilon H500,Isilon H600,Isilon A100,Isilon A2000,Isilon F800

Gen6 nodes may report spurious Battery Backup Unit (BBU) failures similar to the following:

Battery Test Failure: Replace the battery backup unit in chassis <serial number> slot <number> as soon as possible.

Issues were identified with both the OneFS battery test code, and the battery charge controller (bcc) firmware, that can cause these spurious errors to be reported.

The underlying causes for most spurious battery test failures have been resolved in OneFS and newer, and Node Firmware Package 10.1.6 and newer (DEbcc/EPbcc v 00.71); to resolve this issue, please upgrade to these software versions, in that order, as soon as possible. In order to perform these upgrades and resolve this issue, the following steps are required:

Step 1: check the BBU logs for a “Persistent fault” message. This indicates a test failure state that cannot be cleared in the field. Run the following command on the affected node:

# isi_hwmon -b |grep “Battery 1 Status”

If the battery reports a Persistent Fault condition, gather and upload logs using the isi_gather_info command, then contact EMC Isilon Technical Support and reference this KB.

Step 2: Clear the erroneous battery test result by running the following commands:

# isi services isi_hwmon disable

# mv /var/log/nvram.xml /var/log/nvram.xml.old

Step 3: Clear the battery test alert and unset the node read-only state so the upgrade can proceed:

– Check ‘isi event events list’ to get the event ID for the HW_INFINITY_BATTERY_BACKUP_FAULT event. Then run the following commands:

# isi event modify <eventid> –resolved true

# /usr/bin/isi_hwtools/isi_read_only –unset=system-status-not-good

Step 4: Upgrade OneFS to or later

Instructions for upgrading OneFS can be found in the OneFS Release Notes on the web site.

Step 5: Update node firmware using Node Firmware Package 10.1.6 or later

Instructions for upgrading node firmware can be found in the Node Firmware Package Release Notes on the web site.

Once the system is upgraded, no further spurious battery replacement alerts should occur.

If an OneFS upgrade to or newer is not an option at this time, or if the system generates further battery failure alerts after upgrading, please contact EMC Isilon Technical Support for assistance, and reference this KB.


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