Isilon-migrating SyncIQ production site to another

Hi All, Has anyone migrated a SyncIQ primary cluster to another before? IHAC who is planning to migrate one of their DC to another location. They have a cluster in this DC which is doing bi-directional SyncIQ with another cluster at another site. For the easiness of the discussion, I would call these sites with A, B and C. So the current setup is Site A and Site B is replicating to each other and the plan is to migrate Site B to Site C and Site B cluster is going away. As part of the planning, Site C cluster will hold an identical configuration as that of the Site B cluster.

Now, no challenges for the policies that are replicating from Site A to Site B today. We will create policies between Site A and Site C and once they are in Sync, will break the relation between Site A and Site B and continue with Site A & C. But what I need to confirm is about the policies that are replicating from Site B to Site A.

So this is how I think how they can be planned.

1. Setup policies to replicate them from Site B to Site C and then replicate from Site C to Site A at a different time (This is the only way SyncIQ can do a cascade mode to my knowledge? and I will use a new target Directory on Site A. Not the one that Site B is replicating today)

2. Failover Site B to Site C to make Site C R/W and point the users to Site C.

3. Break the relationship of Site B with Site A and Site C and remove all the policies on Site B. Cleanup and remove the old target directories in Site A that was used by Site B replications earlier.

Anyone who has dealt with any similar case in the past, please help with your thoughts if this approach is fine or if there is anything that we are missing on this. Appreciate your help. Thank You.


Sujith Kumar


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