Isilon Search — Anyone use/test it yet? I have…

Ok I have deployed a test Isilon Search VM on a test Isilon cluster. Really easy to set up and use. I’ve found a couple small bugs and a few feature enhancements. I was wondering if anyone has used this solution yet and what you thought.

So far I have found:

1. A/D issues if a user account is similar, it rejects it.

2. In production our users would not want /ifs/data in the path but the full SMB/NFS share path and a direct link to that path.

3. CEE is an issue when we have other application using CEE, you have to turn off Isilon CEE and use manual search.

4. You can only schedule manual searches, it does not yet allow you to scan automatically. I’ve tried crontab settings but I haven’t been able to get it to work.

If you’ve found any issues I have not listed, I would be interested in hearing that and any success stories. Overall I LOVE the product and I have found many use cases for it. I know EMC has my feedback which I am hoping those enhancements get into the product before I present it to our internal customers.

What I don’t have yet is pricing which kind of scares me


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