Re: Adding iSCSI host (Server 2012R2) to VNX

I have gone through many of those article with no solutions.

I have downloaded UnisphereHostAgent-Win-32-x86-en_US-

I right click on the executable and install as administrator.

As far as I can tell the agent installs correctly.

I created an agentID.txt file and save it here:

C:Program Files (x86)EMCUnisphere Host Agent

Contents are as follows

172.x.x.x – main IP address for the server.

I modified the agent.config file to have the following 2 entries added

User system@ip of SPa

User system@ip of SPb

I am not sure what username I am supposed to use. I have tried system ,sysadmin, nasadmin, and even a local admin account on the Windows server.

I have run the MS iSCSI initiator

I’ve added the 4 iSCSI server targets from my VNX (Adapter Default, IP Address Default)

I then connected the targets (here I specified the specific interface for each IP to be the iSCSI Initiator, and also pointed to each IP as required)

When I look in Unisphere, I see my 4 initiators showing up, but they are all unregistered. Host name is UNKNOWN, Host IP is UNKNOWN. I cannot assign them to a storage group until they are registered. I was under the impression that the Host agent will do the registration for me.

If I manually register the Initiators, then I do not get updates from the host.

Everything that I have read I have setup as required in any documentation I have come across.

I have started and restarted the Navisphere agent many times. I have also rebooted the server many times.

I have read the Windows connectivity guide as well as the Guide to setup Unisphere Agent and Unisphere Server Utility.

I have verified network connectivity and can ping all IPs from the server to the VNX. My windows firewall is currently disabled for both the domain network and the iscsi networks. As far as I can tell I have no routing issues.

I have even restarted the management servers for both SPs https://SP IP Address/setup

The only thing I do not have installed is the NaviCLI client. Is that required?

Please what am I missing?

I am looking to add this server to an existing Storage Group as it will replace an existing server.


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