Re: Alternate plan for HA config for Unity

I am on the ESRS Connectivity Support team.

We have been told by Unity Engineering that Unity does not support Centralized ESRS in an HA configuration.

I still cannot find any documentation on the Unity site to support this.

I have dealt with many customers that have run into this problem and there are only two options, of which I believe only the latter as a viable option.

  1. Use the integrated ESRS in your Unity.


2. Deploy and provision a separate and single, non-HA Centralized ESRS VE Gateway, and have all of your Unity Boxes use this gateway.


  • A waste of additional VM resources.
  • No centralized solution to manage all EMC devices.

If anyone runs across any hard documentation that Unity does not Support ESRS VE, please provide a link.

Thank you!


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