Re: Cannot add vCenter plugin

Hi all,

I’m trying to install ScaleIO version vCenter plugin on VCSA 6.0 U3. Everything looks OK, but when I log into vCenter, there is no plugin to be found… Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? Thanks!

Welcome to ScaleIO Plugin Register Utility

Important notice to users upgrading to ScaleIO release 1.32, or higher:

1. ESXi 5.1 is no longer supported. ESXi 5.5 and above are supported.

2. Running SDC within an SVM is no longer supported. SDC must be installed in th

e ESXi host.

If your configuration isn’t supported, DO NOT UPGRADE.

Contact Support for additional info and further assistance.

Do you wish to continue? Y / N: Y

Do you want to run the Standard or Advanced registration? [s|a]: s

verify protocol url :

Waiting for internal server to load (attempt 1)…

Connecting to vCenter…

Successfully connected to vCenter

Registering ScaleIO extension…

Log out, and then log back in to vSphere web client. The plugin is downloaded up

on login to the vSphere web client. After you have logged back in, press ENTER.

ERROR: The process with PID 3360 could not be terminated.

Reason: There is no running instance of the task.

Disconnecting from the vCenter…

Choose mode:

1 – Register ScaleIO plug-in

2 – Unregister ScaleIO plug-in

3 – Create SVM template

4 – Exit the script

More info from vCenter’s vpxd.log, looks like plugin installation is failing with locale error:

2017-04-20T03:12:24.228Z info vpxd[7F4DB0612700] [Originator@6876 sub=vpxLro opID=2585ba72] [VpxLRO] — BEGIN task-internal-2234 — ExtensionManager — vim.ExtensionManager.registerExtension — 521f6285-c15d-e1cb-0b79-01ff4988e6de(52785de7-6016-cf93-7b07-feb08c0f21ff)

2017-04-20T03:12:24.234Z warning vpxd[7F4DB0612700] [Originator@6876 sub=Locale opID=2585ba72] No supported locales in directory ‘/etc/vmware-vpx/extensions/com.emc.s3g.scaleio.vSpherePlugin/locale/’.

2017-04-20T03:12:24.291Z error vpxd[7F4DB0612700] [Originator@6876 sub=MoLocMgr opID=2585ba72] [CreateLocaleZip] localezip script failed with error [1] and output [Traceback (most recent call last):

–> File “/usr/lib/vmware-vpx/py/”, line 51, in <module>

–> raise Exception(“localePath”)

–> Exception: localePath

–> ]


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