Re: Error message during Upgrading ScaleIO SDS package

Hello guys,

I’m testing upgrading ScaleIO software from v2.0.0.2 to v2.0.1.3.

While I was upgrading SDS software on the node, the error message showed up below:


[root@sdsnode_1 ~]# rpm -U /tmp/scaleio_v2013/EMC-ScaleIO-sds-2.0-13000.211.el6.x86_64.rpm

warning: /tmp/scaleio_v2013/EMC-ScaleIO-sds-2.0-13000.211.el6.x86_64.rpm: Header V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID ff8e3367: NOKEY

Post phase – upgrading

/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.Syc7WI: line 253: [use_fifo_file=1: command not found

fifo files already in use from previous version

Modifying daemon wrapper to support DAS CACHE

Use NO_DAS_CACHE_SUPPORT=1 rpm -U EMC-ScaleIO-sds… to install witout DAS Cach Support

[root@sdsnode_1 ~]#


I know the part colored blue is showing due to I didn’t install PGP key on the system, but the part colored red is unexpected.

It seems the SDS nodes work normally after upgrading with these messages, but I’d like to make sure it doesn’t affect environment.

Does anyone has same error or has any workaround about this error?

FYI, we don’t use DAS cache feature.

Thank you.



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