Re: ESRS failed to upgrade version

hello, i am having same error, going from to,

An error has occurred.

The version you are trying to download is not available in the system. Check logs for details.

Please try again or contact EMC customer support

i review logs

wich says

Util: Command Execution success::Loading repository data…Reading installed packages…’ESRS-Update-′ not found in package names. Trying capabilities.

ERROR [2015-12-04 12:50:15,692] Error has occured::Warning: No repositories defined. Operating only with the installed resolvables. Nothing can be installed.No provider of ‘patch:ESRS-Update-’ found.”

unfortunally i spend my time installing version 6, and now i am unable going last ver.

something was delete from EMC2 portal side, i don´t know why.

hope will fix asap.


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