Re: Exchange DAG cluster network choice during install

I was wondering if anyone had run into this. I’m using the “Cluster Configuration Wizard” to setup a DAG client. When it gets to the “DAG Client Settings” step, where you, among other settings, add the DAG IP you will be using. It also lists all the networks on the Exchange server. Is there a network that specifically needs to be used?

I get a red “x” beside one of our private internal replication networks, but am trying to choose a different network that is public to use with the Avamar DAG IP I chose, but and it won’t let me proceed, it gives me a message box, that errors need to be corrected before proceeding. Do I have to use the network marked with the red “x”, Avamar seems to think so I suppose since it won’t let me proceed. Does the Avamar IP used have to be on a network that has Exchange DAG Replication enabled? The one I was trying to use does not, but can communicate with Avamar, the other three networks have DAG replication enabled but are not accessible by Avamar? Any help would be appreciated as this one is getting confusing and frustrating. Thanks as always.



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