Re: Fail Installation Vxrail Step 38

Hi All

I solved that case, I just give native vlan on my configuration switch.

I used :

– vlan 0 for management and vcenter —> this should untagged traffic

– vlan 106 for Virtual VM Switch

Vxrail has 4 port:

port 0 : Management

Port 1 : Virtual Mechine

Port 2 : VSAN

Port 3 : VMotion

Management used port 0, and on my vxrail I used VLAN 0, that’s mean untagged traffic, I need to connect with my existing network, so I set :

– Switchport mode trunk

– switchtrunk native vlan 130.

Vlan 130 just for management.

Virtual machine used port 1, as my vcenter also is virtual machine and used vlan 0 and the traffic pass through port 1 so I just give same configuration.

– switchport mode trunk

– switchport trunk native vlan 130

the rest of port I just set switchport mode trunk on my physical switch


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