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Hello Kayal,

Along with the information that has been shared by Jeff above, the following details may also come in handy.

Page Count Report:

If you are using Captiva Capture 7.6, you can extract the page count detail by going to Captiva Administrator -> Licensing / Security -> Page Count Reports.

You can click on View Usage, once you start scanning with Captiva and then save it a as a CSV reports. The Reports will have past 15 Months Data.

We do have a KB on the same :

Also, if you would like to understand how the page counts are calculated, please go through the information from Captiva Below:

“A server license decrements page count when a page enters the system. A page is defined as a single-sided image, which is scanned or imported into an InputAccel Server by modules such as ScanPlus, Standard Import, WS Input, Ricoh GlobalScan Plug-in, or any other module that can add a page for processing. For every page scanned or imported in simplex mode, one page is counted. For every page scanned or imported in duplex mode, two pages are counted. Each single-sided page is counted once when it enters a Captiva Capture system.

Note: Independent of licensing, the WS Output module has a maximum allowed number of pages limit. When this limit is reached, WS Output stops processing tasks, but no error message is displayed. The InputAccel Server log rule (AllServerWarnings) logs all warnings to the InputAccel Database. This rule is on by default so all InputAccel Server warning messages regarding running out of page counts are logged to tbl_AuditErrorLog.”

I would also recommend you to go through this KB Article : ‘‘ which could help you ,if you would like to use Code Behind/Capture Flow Scripting.

We hope the above information would help you.

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