Re: insight iq  how to  collect the information of the contents ( files) of a specific directory

My question is how to collect the information in a specific directory with the cli of insight IQ

I can collect the directories with the IIQ cli

iiq_data_export fsa export -c clustername –data-module directories -o 7318 –name <file>

output CSV:

path[directory:/ifs/],dir_cnt (count),file_cnt (count),ads_cnt,other_cnt (count),log_size_sum (bytes),phys_size_sum (bytes),log_size_sum_overflow,report_date: 1537042326





The –data-module directories generates an overview of the files

in the manual i can only find the data-modules option

Directories directories

File Count by Logical Size file_count_by_logical_size

File Count by Last Modified file_count_by_modified_time

File Count by Physical Size file_count_by_physical_size

Top Directories top_directories

Top Files top_files

Now i want to have an export of the directory /ifs/data/files exported to csv format

I can do report in the gui also under file system analytics with the download as csv

Can someone hint me the syntax



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