Re: Is file replication from VNX VG2 Gateway to Unity supported?

No, the underlying filesystem moved from UXFS which was 32-bit on the VNXOE for File / DART code base, to 64-bit with UFS64 in Unity. This allows things like growing/shrinking filesystems, filesystem sizes over 16TB, etc. that customers have been looking for. A side-effect, however, is that replicator cannot replicate block-level data between the systems. My company, Datadobi does make Heterogenous file replication software that could do this for you, that is protocol based, meaning SMB and NFS, API integrated with both systems and very fast. We have quite a bit of experience doing this in a migration context with our DobiMiner / now-called DobiMigrate product. And now we can also do replication with DobiReplicate.

Take a look if you’re interested in a customer testimonial (TLDR: 1PB in 5 days):

DKFZ Selects DobiReplicate to Replicate Over 1PB of Data on Vimeo

Our Website:

Feel free to reach out or have your DellEMC account team do so if you’d like to discuss this further.

Chris Klosterman

Principal SE, Datadobi


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