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the XDB admin GUI tool, like the XDB command line, use the xhive protocol.

For most jobs, the work is done client side, and all data has to go

over the network.

Hence these tools work only well when XDB admin or XDB command line

are processes on same box as xDB server.

With XDB server on remote host this means for XDB admin GUI tool you

X Server to have the GUI on youir local display.

If you do not want X Server protocol overhead, use XDB command line.

For work that does not pull to much data from server to client

these tools may do the job if the network is very good.

So, also if the IA Server is on other box than xDB server,

that box should still be close to the server with a very good network.

We do not have xDB level REST API.

If functionality is missing from Admin tool or commandline,

you have to write java program to the the job.

I can provide you some sample code.

Given the tasks you mention:

> list of tables stored in database


– commandline has ‘ls’ like command

– you could write a simple query that prints all document names

recursively, hence is similar to ‘find’ command

– I have sample code for something similar to ‘du’,

it prints out all documents/blobs/indexes/libraries

and the sizes (in number of xhive pages) recursively.

> list of columns and attributes for a specific table


Given that a table is in XML, you could write

a simple query that outputs the first record.

With a little more efford you could write a query that outputs

the element names that correspond to the table fields.

> run some simple queries to retrieve data from a table


– commandline has ‘xquery’ like command, where you can pass

a query as an argument or pass a filename that contains a query.

to avoid quoting issues with your shell prefer passing a filename.

> delete a table


– I guess commandline can do that

if not, and update query can do that

> backup/export data from a table


– export a table. commandline has ‘cat’ command.

– otherwise, a simple query can do that

– backup is only on library or data node level

> change table / column attributes


– an update query can do that

kind regards, Wouter


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