Re: Low deduplication for Oracle DB backup

Ok, I have been working with our Oracle DBA’s, and looking over things.

Here is what they sent me.


CONFIGURE COMPRESSION ALGORITHM ‘BASIC’ (so I started digging into this setting, because I know there is also a ‘NONE’ option, and I brought that up to the DBA. He said that ‘BASIC’ is the default setting, but that on the actual backup piece, the setting is

64435 Incr 0 14.41G SBT_TAPE 00:01:09 16-NOV-15

BP Key: 64435 Status: AVAILABLE Compressed: NO Tag:

He states that encryption is also not being used.

So, I ran ddboost storage-unit show compression against the storage unit that rman writes to, and looking through, even the databases that just arent used much anymore are still only showing 1.9 to 3.5x, so it doesnt appear that archival log busyness is the issue.


This is really odd to me. I mean, perhaps 3.5x would be normal for us, but so far, I have yet to see where anyone else is sending Oracle database backups to datadomain and getting compression this low.


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