Re: One question regarding VPLEX witness deployment.

Hello experts,

We have a question regarding VPLEX witness deployment.

Our witness virtual server is on a third site, but it reaches the 2nd site via the the gateway(firewall) in 1st site , unless the firewall in 1st site fails, in that situation, the gateway will switch to the firewall in 2nd site, the gateway switch delay time is about 5 seconds.

Now suppose 1st site fails totally(lose power for example), both VPLEX and network are down in this site, when this happen, the witness will not reach to the VPLEX management server in 2nd site in the first 5 seconds, because of the gateway switch delay, in such situation, the distributed volumes will probably also be suspended in 2nd site.

Is there a perfect network connection solution, so the witness can communicate with both sites symmetrically(without any path and gateway switch …) ?


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