Re: Possible to avoid a full rebuild for distributed devices after a planned storage outage?

Hi ,

The rebuild of distributed devices is based on the logging volume. When one leg of the volume is failed or wan link down… the volume is marked for logging. So, it is usually a logging rebuild for the distributed devices and not a full rebuild. But this also depends on the logging volume availability and I/O’s that will be tracked on the logging volume and the logging volume getting full. If the logging fails, it will mark the volume as out of date and will cause a full rebuild.

In this case, I believe if there are not too many I/O’s and the logging volume being online during the outage time frame and during the rebuild time, it should do a logging rebuild and not a full rebuild. I don’t see any other alternative to force a logging rebuild. Unless its a new distributed device where if you don’t specify the source leg it does not do a rebuild at all considering the data at both sides to be the same.

Please let us know how it goes.


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