Re: POst processing script on Networker Virtual Edition 9.1


I’m currently trying to integrate ADMe with Networker and CloudBoost to take a backup copy of the Avamar data and send it to Azure for long term retention.

One of the issues I have is that I can get ADMe to restore the Avamar backup to a staging server, and then get Networker to send a copy to Azure via CloudBoost, but I can’t seem to figure out how to then delete the staging data to free up disk space (or actaully even to get ADMe to tell Networker to run the copy to Azure without a schedule in Networker).

I have seen that there is an option to run a Post backup script in Networker, and I thought that I could use this to delete the files once Networker has copied to Azure. My issue with that is the documentation is unclear on where this script needs to go. It only states to not put in a path, only the script name.

So, does anyone know where these scripts are supposed to go, either on the Staging Server (with Networker client) or the Networker Server. Alternatively, if you know of a way for ADMe to control the whole process, via staging and then getting network server to move data to Azure, I;’d sure like to hear about that also.

Many thanks in advance.


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