Re: Re: Assigning templates for batch level in Identification

Hi jmiyatake

Sorry for late reply. I would like to clarify.

1. The batch cannot have more than 1 template code. A batch has similar type of documents. So if 1 document is give as template code “A” by the moderator, I want other documents too classified as template code “A”.

2. The batch can have more than 1 document. But all the document will be of same type and same number of pages.

3. I am having Classification and Identification at page level. I am also using a condition in Decision block with the IA value,

Classification:0.TemplateCode =””. So if I change Classification and Identification to document level, I can’t use template code property and the decision block is in error at this IA value Classification:0.TemplateCode =””. So please let me know how can i change the level of Classification and Identification without getting error.

4. I did not use any .NET code in classification or Identification. Please help me with some code since the document sent by seeker889 is not accessible for me.

I need to assign the same template code to all the documents in the batch if 1 document is identified as particular template code.

Please help me with some suggestions.

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