Re: Re: xcp – Privileged permissions

We are using privileged client concept and adding the current logged in user to dm_superusers_dynamic group. This is being done using java service.

When we are performing some operations after the user was elevated permissions, it works fine when the Business Object does not have any business events attached to it. However if the business object has business event attached to it, it is not working. xCP somehow is not able to fire the Business Event (which in turn triggers SLP).

Error message what we get is

Error occurred while creating data provider for contextNode “event” with primary objId: “0b029ec78002f274” and secondary objId: “37029ec78000391f”; ERRORCODE: ff; NEXT: null

Based on this we understand that BE do not have the proper permissions even though we are using elevated permissions.

Anyone has any idea on how the privileged permissions + Business Events works in xCP?


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