Re: RecoverPoint Deployment Manager SAN Diagnostics Error


GEN6 RPAs w/RPOS v5.0.SP1 installed

VNX8000 storage array.

Cisco MDS 9513 core switches

RecoverPoint Deployment Manager 5.0.SP1

New RecoverPoint cluster installation / creation following “Installation and Deployment Guide IDG 302-002-830_04”, page 20, installing a RPA cluster with midrange storage.

RecoverPoint Deployment Manager step 11.2 – SAN Diagnostics error: Message ID 3201 San View is empty, check LUN masking, zoning network connections, and storage configuration.

Checked zoning. Appears to be OK. Two fabrics, each fabric one zone with all RPA / Storage Ports connected to fabric. Initiators are registering. VNX8000 storage array online, available, and accessible from Unisphere for VNX.

What have I missed?

Any idea why this is not working?


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