Re: ScaleIO unable to add/remove SDS

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Hi Guys,

Please see my predicament above. I have a simple 3 node cluster which I wish all three nodes to be an SDS.

For some reason it didn’t make all 3 an SDS upon creation.

I have attempted to add the other two nodes as an sds by running:

scli –add_sds –sds_ip –protection_domain_name default –device_name /dev/sdb –sds_name sds_[] –device_path /dev/sdb –storage_pool_name default

Which returns:

Error: MDM failed command. Status: SDS is already attached to this MDM.

Seems odd so I thought lets try to remove and re-add. I then ran:

scli –remove_sds –sds_name sds_[]

Which returns:

Error: MDM failed command. Status: Could not find SDS

scli –query_all returns:

Query-all-SDS returned 1 SDS nodes.

Protection Domain f39f2f8f00000000 Name: default

SDS ID: d164a9dd00000002 Name: SDS_[] State: Connected, Joined IP: Port: 7072 Version: 2.0.12000

The sds service is running on all three nodes.

I’m still fairly new so any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Alex.


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